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Military Force of about one hundred
(100) rank and file, with its proper
proportion of Officers and Non -
Commissioned Officers; and enquiring
if the Government of Queensland is
prepared to receive forthwith this
number of men.

It is stated on the authority
of Lieut. Seymour of the 12th Regiment
the Officer now Commanding the
detachment at Brisbane, that
the existing Barracks can be
made to accommodate comfortably
only two Officers and about fifty
men. The Council have, therefore,
advised (and I concur entirely in
their opinion,) that, for the present,
the last mentioned force will be
sufficient; - but that, hereafter,
as the settlements in Queensland
increase in extent and population,
a Garrison of at least one hundred
of Her Majesty's Troops will be
required at Brisbane - to form the
neucleus of the Volunteer, or other
local Forces. The Council have
further advised that it should
be proposed to follow in this
respect, the precedent of the course
pursued with regard to the old
Barracks at Sydney - i.e. to sell,
or otherwise appropriate for the
use of the Civil Government, the site
of the present Barracks at Brisbane,
which is nearly in the centre of
the town, and to erect, at the cost
of the Colony, from plans to be
approved by the Major - General
Commanding in Australia, a new

and more commodious building on
an eminence outside the town. This
course is also strongly recommended,
with a view to the health and
discipline of the Troops, by the Officer
now in charge of the detachment at
this place.

The Government of Queensland
have no means of ascertaining, except
through your courteous Co-operation,
the exact accommodation required,
according to the existing regulations
for any portion of Her Majesty's
Troops. I have the honor, therefore,
to request that, should you agree
with the views on this subject of
myself and of my Council, as well
as of the Officer in charge of
the detachment here, you will
direct the Royal Engineer department
at Melbourne to furnish me, at
their earliest convenience, with
a rough plan (as a guide for the
Colonial Architect) of a Barrack
for 100 men with the proper quarters,
mess-room & for a due proportion
of Officers, and with all other
appurtenances whatsoever. It has
been suggested to me that the
Barracks most suitable to this
climate would be a simple brick
or stone building of two stories,
with a broad verandah running
round each story, and with the
soldiers' rooms opening upon
these verandahs, the stair-cases
being also outside. The buildings
should be contrived in such a
manner as to admit of extension

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