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No 21.

dated 8. Nov.ber 1862

His Excellency
Governor Sir H. Barkly K.C.B
&c &c &c

Government House,
Brisbane Queensland
November 20, 1862


I have the honor to inform
you that I have laid before the Executive
Council of this Colony, a despatch
from Her Majesty's Secretary of State
for the Colonies, transmitting, "for
"the purpose of being dealt with by
the Government of Queensland," a
copy of a despatch from your Excellency,
forwarding an application from
Mr John King, the survivor of the
Burke and Wills exploring expedition,
for a grant of one thousand (1000)
acres of land of the banks of the river

2. I enclose copy of the Minute
of Council, containing the decision of
this Government; in which I concur.
Indeed it will be seen from the
Attorney General's statement of the
law, that there was no other course
open except that adopted.

3. These views of my
Responsible Advisers will also I think,
be in harmony with those of Her Majesty's
Government. For, with reference to
an application from Mr John Hall of
Melbourne for the concession of certain
privileges in the territory near the
Gulf of Carpentaria, to a projected
colonizing association, the Duke of Newcastle
has recently addressed me
as follows: - "I entirely approve


"the course which your Government
"purpose to take in refusing exceptional
"privileges in the acquisition of land,
"whether to companies or to individuals;
"and I am convinced that the soundest
"policy is that which they are pursuing,
"of so framing their rules as to retain
"in the hands of the Government -
"the control of Land Sales and of the
"Land Revenue; while offering to
"all comers without distinction every
"facility for the settlement of land
"which can be given to them collectively
"or individually without risk of
"encouraging land-jobbing."

I have &c
(signed) G. F. Bowen

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