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No 22

Lieut. Seymour
12th Regiment
Government House
Brisbane, Queensland
11. December 1862


I regret to perceive from your
letter of the 9th instant and from the therein
encolsed copy of a letter from Sir Edward
Lingard of the 22 September ult., that
some misunderstanding has occurred
at the War Office respecting my despatch
to the Duke of Newcastle No28 of 16 June

There was no reference whatsoever
to yourself in that despatch, which covered
a minute of the Executive Council of this
Colony commenting on the refusal of the
Civil Government of New South Wales to
allow the detachment of the 12th Regiment
at Brisbane to be re-inforced by one officer
and twenty five men, - on the plea
that the re-inforcement applied for, and
sanctioned by the Military Authorities,
was required to perform what are more
properly Police duties on one of the Gold
Fields - It had further been contended
in New South Wales that the correspondence
between the two colonies on thsi question
should be carried on, not by the respective
Governors, but by the respective Colonial
Secretaries. Consequently, I felt it to be
my duty to point out that grave inconvenience
mighjt arise to the Queen's Service, if the
correspondence respecting the distribution
of Her Majesty's Troops, whether local or
inter-colonial, were left in the hands of
the Ministers for the time being, that is,
practically, in the hands of the gentlement
who may happen to be temporarily in
the ascendant in the Colonial Assemblies.

It is only simple justice
to yourself that I should take this
opportunity of stating my appreciations
of your conduct here. Owing to the refusal
of the Civil Government of New South
to allow the detachment at
Brisbane to be increased to two officers
and fifty men - the number required
to form the nucleus of our local
Volunteer Forces, you have now during
a period of nearly two years, been in
sole charge of a rubalternon's party at
a distance of above six hundred
miles from the head-quarters of your
Regiment. You appear to me to have
shown considerable tact and discretion
in a somewhat difficult position.

I have &c
(signed) G.F.Bowen

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