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Brigadier General Chute
&c &c &c

frequently addressed the Home
authorities to a similar effect.

5. My Government have agreed
with me in accepting, on behalf of
Queensland, the detachment of 3
officers and 88 rank and file proposed
in the Duke of Newcastle's Circular
despatch of the 26th. June ultimo. A
bill will be introduced in the next
Session of the Colonial Legislature
to sanction the payment of the sum
of £40. per man, as required by Her
Majesty's Government.

6. The present barracks at
Brisbane will hold comfortably only
two Officers and 50 men. The Colonial
Parliament has voted the funds necessary
for the erection of barracks capable
of holding the detachment mentioned
by the Secretary of State. They will be
built with all convenient speed,
according to the plans transmitted to me
by Sir Thomas Pratt, and on the site
selected with the approval of Colonel
of the 12th. Regiment, who was,
at my request, despatched to Brisbane
for this purpose in 1862, by the Major
General Cummanding in Australia.
I have &c
(signed) G.F. Bowen


No 15.

4 December 1863
See despatch Book page.

Captain Richards R.N.
&c &c &c

Government House
Brisbane, Queensland,
15. December 1863.


I have the honor to acknowledge
the receipt of the chart of "Port Hinchinbrook"
with which you have furnished me,
and which Lieutenant Heath R.M.
the Portmaster of this Colony, will
cause to be published for general

2. I have also to acknowledge
the receipt of the valuable report, (contained
in extracts from your journal,) on
Rockingham Bay, the proposed
settlement near Cape York, and generally
on what is known as the "Inner Route"
to Torres Straits.

3. I have much pleasure
in conveying to you the thanks of myself
and of the Government of Queensland
for your able and zealous performance,
at my request, of a service of great
importance to the Commerce of the
Australian Colonies and of the Empire
at large.

4. I enclose a copy of the
Minute on this subject of the Executive
Council of this Colony. Another copy
has been forwarded to the Secretary
of State for the Colonies, with a request
that His Grace will transmit it to the
Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.

I have &c
(signed) G.F. Bowen

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