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His Worship
The Mayor

mation of the Secretary of State, I
was unable to forward these Reso:
:lutions by mail of 27 March, but
they will be sent as requested by the
mail of 22 April.

I have &c
(Sigd) S W Blackall

Government House
Brisbane April 5th. 1869


My letter of 17th. March will have informed
you that no Troops are required here. Please
countermand the Detatchment proposed to
be sent here from Sydney as mentioned in
your letter of the 24th March.

I intend for the present placing
my Aide De Camp in the officers Quarters here
and a few Police in the Barracks who will
act as a Guard over the Ammunition -
Have you any objection to this Arrangement?

Governor Blackall

Genl Chute

Govr. House
Brisbane. 7 April 1869

My Lord,

I have to acknowledge with
many thanks your Despatch of 19 March,
enclosing Copy of a communication
from H.R.M. Consul. at the Fiji Islands,
the opinion of your Attorney General
and Proclamation which has been consequently issued-

No notification regarding


His Excellency
The Right Honb,
Earl Belmore

the matters contained in these Papers
has been as yet published in Queens.
.land. but I have laid the Papers
before my Attorney General that action
may be taken when necessary

I have &c
Sigr. S W. Blackall

Entered in Postal Secy's letter
book Page 78.

Gov House
Brisbane 8 April 1869


I am directed by His Exc. the Govr
to inform you that he has brought your
case before the notice of the Govt
but he regrets tht no redress can be
obtained as Mr Apenham's receipt
for the £93.5/- held by him is not
official. The matter was brought be.
:fore Parliament, and perhaps Mr
Thornton might again move in the matter

I have &c

No. B/834.

Major Genl
Sir Trevor Chute

Govr. House
Brisbane 23 March

Sir, I have the honor to ack'g the
receipt of your letter, with enclosure
of the 23 Ults & to inform you that
it has been referred to the proper
department for action to be
taken in the matter.

I have &
Sig' S. W Blackall

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