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I regret that my Private
Secretary did not mention my
absence in his letter.

I have.
&c &c &c
Signed S. W. Blackall

Major General
Sir Trevor Chute

Government House
Brisbane 19 Nov: 1869


I have the honor to inform
you that Mr. John Douglas and Mr
John Blanston have tendered me
their Resignation of their Seats
as Members of the Legislative Council
and which I have accepted.

I have &c
(Signed) S. W.Blackall

The Honb. Sir. M. Howall.
Legislative Council

Govn. House
Brisbane 19 Nov 1869


I have the honor to inform you
that by the Advice of my Executive
Council I have nominated Mr. S. S.
Gallway and Mr. S. F. Govouck to be
Members of the Legislative Council of

The Honb Sir. M Howell
Legislative Council

I have &c
(Signed) S. W. Blackall


Government House
Brisbane 1st Dec: 1869.


I have the honor to acknowledge
the receipt of your Letter of 10th- Sept. informing
me that you consented to my arbitration of the
outstanding claim made by Dr. Dobb.for-
medical services for Wm. Calder owing from my
absence from Brisbane did not reach me until
the beginning of November.

10 original orders.
6 copies of dv.
21 do chemit to files
1 order from Dy.

With this Order were enclosed
as per margin -

I am of opinion -
1st- That Dr. Hobbs is entitled to his salary
from 1st Feb. 1868 to 10 March 1869 exitrent
deduction except as hereafter mentioned-

2nd- That Dr. Hobbs was not found to
provide medicines or medical comforts in consequence
of the increase of five shillings per diem to his Pay
in Oct. 1866.

3rd. That Dr. Hobbs did ???onsly sign
certificates for various articles supplied by Mr. David
& wh. were not medicines or medical comforts & that
for any such supplies Dr. Hobbs should be surcharged.

4th. That the Medical Treatments should
be handed over to the Imperial Government
unless proved to have been worn out, otherwise
to be paid for by Dr. Hobbs.

I have &c
(Sgd) S. W. Blackall

Maj. Genl. Sir Trevor Chute
K. C. B.

Govt. House. Brisbane -
Jan. 7. 1870-


I have the honor to acknowledge
the receipt of yr Letter dated Dec. 18. 1869 in wh.
you request me to forward to yr. office the ontent
in forms of the 10th Sept. in consequence of my decision
involving the probable purchase on acct. of H. M. Government

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