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Left margin
of certain medical Instruments.
At the same time I beg to
point out to you that I think there is some
error in supposing that any decision involved
any purchase on behalf of the Imperial
If you will refer to the last
paragraph in my decision I think you
will find that I merely suggest that
Dr. Hobbs, if called upon, should return
the Instruments purchased at the expense
of the Imperial Government, or found them
to have been worn out in the Imperial
I have worked marked in each
Int. my Initials to the articles. They are few
& insignificant, but as my attention was
called to them I could not pass them
I have &c
Sgd. S.W. Blackall
Left margin
Jan. Genl.
Sir Trevor Chute V.C.B.
Govt. House. Tuesday. Jan 15.70.
My dear Mr. Taylor,
Whilst you are in Brisbane
would you appoint a time to see me
& Mr. Hill regarding taking over the Domain,
as we have a difference of opinion regarding
the future employment of a labourer
named Martin.
Yrs faithfully
(Sgd) Sam. W. Blackall
Left margin
The Hon.
James Taylor.

Govt. House. Brisbane.
Jan 31. 1870.
I have the honor to acknowledge
the receipt of your letter of the 22nd Jan. 1870.
enclosing the the copy of a letter from the
War Office approving of the transfer
of the Barracks at Brisbane to the
Colonial Government.
I have &c
Sgd. S.W. Blackall
Left margin
Maj. Genl. Sir T. Chute
Memo from the Hon. the Col. Secy.
received this telegram last night
would suggest that stores, men &c for
Somerset be ready on 12th, also to
determine whether J.W. Jardine be sent
to assist in enquiries at Prince of
Wales Island.
Can the Kate be made available
to meet "Blanche" and bring Capt.
Montgomery to Brisbane.
S.W. Blackall
Gov. House, Brisbane
March 8. 1970.
Govt. House. Brisbane.
March. 10. 1870.
I have the honor to acknowledge
the receipt of yr. letter of 29 Jan. 1870. with
regard to my arbitration in the matter of
Dr. Hobbs.
I regret that I do not consider
the articles to wh. you refer & the value of wh.
you propose to deduct from the sum due
to Dr. Hobbs as coming within the terms of

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