Letters to various people in Governors letterbooks Volume 1 (ITM17659)

These letterbooks of Governors' official letters to various persons contain copies of letters sent intra-colony, inter-colony and overseas. The subjects include defence and troop matters, shipping concerns including labour vessels, coastal surveys, telegraphic and submarine cable communication between Australia and Europe, and other external matters taken over by the Commonwealth after federation. https://www.archivessearch.qld.gov.au/items/ITM17659




No 68/10
Government House
Brisbane March 27th 1868
I have the honor to forward
for presentation to His Royal Highness
the Duke of Edinburgh the enclosed
communication from the Mayor of
Dalby conveying certain resolutions
passed at a Public meeting in that
town, when information first reached
it of the traitrous and diabolical
attempt made to assassinate His
Royal Highness.
J Davis per
(signed) M:C: OConnell
re re re Equerry-in waiting ____________________________|_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
No 68/11
Government House
Brisbane March 27"1868
In compliance with the request
of a deputation, consisting of the Speaker
of the Legistaive Assembly, The Chairman of
Committees of the Legislative Assembly, The Mayor
have the honor to forward for presentation
to H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh an address
agreed to by Resolution at a large
Public Meeting held in this city
on Monday the 16th last.
I have re
(signed) M: C: OConnell
Equerry -in- Waiting
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 261
No 68/12 Government House
Brisbane 16th May 1868.
I have the honor to enclose
|District of Warwick in the Colony
of Queensland to His Royal
|of the feelings of sorrow and indig |-nation with which the Inhabitants
of those places heard of the attempt
in Sydney and of their congratulations
I may add that this
address did not reach me in time
to be sent to Sydney, but that a
as published in the Government
to the Mayor of Warwick.
I have re
(signed) M: C: OConnell
to H.R.H. The Duke of Edinbugh K.J Clarence House St James ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
no 68/13 Government House
Brisbane May 20th 1868
I have the honor to
acknowledge the receipt of your letter
of the 21st Ultimo enclosing an extract
|Committee assembled at the Barracks
in Brisbane on the 2nd April and

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262 that on enquiring from the Colonial
this matter I learn that the Secretary
on the 7th of April last to have the
I have re
(signed) M: C: OConnell
Sir Trevor Chute K.C.B Comm dr H.M. Troops Melbourne Victoria.

No 68/14 Government House
Brisbane May 18th 1868
My Lord Duke,
I venture to send in the
to H.R.H The Duke of Edinburgh, and
I would esteem it a great favour
if your Grace would be good enough
to cause it to be forwarded on
to Clarence House. The Parcel
contains a Photographic Album
of views in Queensland.
I have se
(signed) M: C: OConnell
The Duke of Buckingham & Chandos re re re Colonial Office _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
no 68/15 263
Government House
Brisbane 30th May 1868
With reference to your Communication
of the 17th of April last with its enclosures
from The Controller of Army Expenditure
in Melbourne relative to the payment of
the Capitation rate for the Troops stationed
Enclosure No 1. in Queensland, I now have the Honor
Minute of Council to inform you that I have brought this
Date 13 May 1868 subject under the consideration of
My Ministers and that they advise
I should enter into arrangements with
yourself in order to bring this matter
to an early settlement.
2. I must in the first place
however state that there has been also
received from His Grace the Secretary
of State for the Colonies two separate
dispatches with enclosures from The
War Office on this same subject, and
that the Duke of Buckingham & Chandos
having stated in one of these/after
reviewing the reasons which were urged
by Sir George Bowen as the grounds upon
which a hope was expressed by the
Government of Queensland that the ex
isting liberal seale of Colonial Allowances
may be considered a sufficient Contribution.
from this Colony at leat during the year
1867) " he felt obliged to request that"
|" to the War Department in such a manner"
" as may be agreed upon between the"
My Ministers looking on this demand
as the final decision of the Home Govern
-ment at once came to the conclusion
on this subject.

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Left margin 264 3. It remains therefore for you to be good enough to point out the mode in which this Colony can satisfy the claim of the Home Government in reference to this Capitation Grant, and the only difficulties I can see surrounding the matter are those which attach to the arrangement of accounts of payments already made by the Colonial authorities for Military services during 1867 and up to the present time in 1868. 4. In the despatch / No 2 22nd. Janry 1868, from the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, I am instructed to furnish quarterly statements of the disbursements made by the Colony under this head of Expenditure from the 1st April 1867, and I herewith enclose for your in -formation, and that of the Controller of Army Expenditure in Melbourne copies of these statements as send to His Grace by the last mail. Left margin Enclosure No. 4. 5. These statements are furnished to me from the Office of the Colonial Secretary, through whose Department all vouchers on acct of Military Expenditure pays for examination before being paid by the Treasury and any explanations which the Controller of Army expenditure may require can be obtained from the same source. 6. You will observe that in Captain Gatton's letter he fixes the 1st April 1867, as the date, apparently from which the settlement of accounts is to be taken; whereas in the War Office letter you enclose the 1st January is mentioned and I shall be glad to know from the Controller of Army expenditure in Melbourne which date

265 is the correct one. 7. But I would propose that leaving all questions as to the balance of past accounts for future determination this Colony should commence from an early date to pay monthly or quarterly the capitation rate due on the number of Troops stationed here and if you will favor me with the plan upon which the Controller of Army Expenditure would desire this arrangement carried out I make no doubt the Government of Queensland will acquiesce in his proposal. 8. It will be desirable to have some little notice ere the present arranangement of paying the Colonial allowances and Military contingencies by Voucher through the Colonial Secretary's Office ceases, and it is of course understood that the payment of the capitation rate frees the Colony from any other expenditure on Military account. I have &c signed. M.C. O'Connell Left margin Major General Sir Trevor Chute K.C.V.S. Commder H M' Troops in the Australian Colonies.

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No 16.

15 April 1868

To The Honbl. The President of the Leg. Council and The Honbl The Speaker of the Leg. Assembly &c &c &c

Government House Brisbane, 15 July 1868.


I have much pleasure in forwarding to you the copy of a despatch received by me yesterday from His Grace The Duke of Buckingham & Chandos by which you will learn that Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to present to the Parliamentary Library the Books which accompany this letter.

I have &c (sgd) M. C. O'Connell

No 17.

Government House Brisbane. 16th July 1868.


I have the Honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Excellency' communica -tion of the 8th May last intimating to me that you had received a despatch from His Grace The Duke of Buckingham & Chandos which contained the following paragraph "until you begin to receive" "full pay or half salary from New Zealand" "funds you will be entitled to half "salary as absent Governor of Queensland" and I beg to acquaint your Excellency that having submitted the matter to my responsible advisers they allow that the amount you claim is at your


His Excellency Sir George F. Bowen G.C.M.S. Governor New Zealand

Excellency' disposal.

If your Excellency will authorize any person to receive it, this money will be paid to your order; but to pay the Auditor General it will be necefsary you should fill up and sign the accompanyint vouchers.

I observe that your Excellency has very munificently bestowed this sum on several local religious and Educational Institutions and I am sure these Institutions will gratefully appreciate your Excellency' liberality.

I have &c (signed) M.C. O'Connell

No 18

Major General Sir Trevor Chute K.C.J.S. Comm. H M' Forces Melbourne.

Government House Brisbane 30th July 1868.


In reference to the subject matter of your communication of the 8th last I have now the Honor to transmit to you a copy of the Queensland Government Gazette containing the notification of the receipt of the Mutiny Act in this Colony and of its promulgation in General Orders in this command.

I have &c (sgnd) M. C. O'Connell

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No 19

Lieut. E.P. Bedwell R.N. Admiralty Surveyor Brisbane.

Government House Brisbane. 5th August 1867


I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your tracing of Wide Bay bar, and to inform you that I have forwarded the same to the Colonial Treasurer. I understant from that Minister that he will direct the immediate publication of your Chart and I am sure its publication will be of great benefit to the numerous vessels now trading with the Port of Maryborough

I am &c (sgd) M.C. O'Connell

No 20

Major General Sir Trevor Chute K.C.B. Commding H.N. Forces in the Australian Colonies Melbourne.

Government House Brisbane August 19th 1868


At the instance of Captain Eden Comm'ng Detachment of H.M. 50th Queens Own Regt. in this Colony I have the Honor to apply to you to sanction an increase of three men to the strength of the penal guard doing duty at "St. Helena" in Moreton Bay.

I beg to state that my Executive Council have agreed to make provision for the extra pay of these three men.

(signed) M.C. O'Connell


No 21

The Senior Naval Officer Sydney.

Govt. House. Brisbane. 18 Aug 1868.


I forwarded a Telegram yesterday to request that at yr. earliest convenience you would be kind enough to despatch a vessel of War to Cape York in consequence of the Reports of serious outrages committed by the Blacks.

I have now the honor to forward to you a [?] of all the official Documents evn. & have received upon the subject & though the intelligence is vague there is quite sufficient to make me very anxious as to the security of a place wh. is so remote from all assistance.

I would beg to submit for yr. considera -tion that the Establishment at Cape York is of importance not to this Colony alone but to the Colonies lying South of Queensland whose commerce extends to India & China & that the resouces of this Colony are not sufficient to enable me to carry out the necessary constant supervision.

I have &c (Sgd) S. W. Blackall

No. 22

Govt. House. Brisbane. 10 Sep 1868.


I have the honor to enclose to you a Petition Wh. I have received from the inhabitants of Rockhamp -ton praying for the [enrole?]ment of a new Volunteer Corps at Head place, I have taken the matter into consideration & see no rason why the Petition could not be granted. Will you therefore be so good as to take the necessary steps for the formation of the Corps. I have &c (Sgd) S. W. Blackall Governor Left margin H. Wm. The Hon. M.C. O'Connell Comdg. Volunteer Force

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