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Moriarty, a gentleman who has
filled with distinction several
important posts in the undivided
Colony, and who was strongly
recommended to me by Sir William
, and other competent
authorities. It is convenient for
the despatch of public business
that the permanent Offices of
Clerk of the Executive Council
and Under Colonial Secretary
should be held by the same
individual; and, it is essential
that the individual selected should
be a man of Mr. Moriarty's ability
and experience, seeing that
Executive Councils may be expected
to succeed each other in Australia
at least as rapidly as Ministries
have succeeded each other of late
years in the Mother-Country.

15. The Office of Surveyor -
General and Chief Commissioner
of Crown Lands, is of pre-eminent
importance in a Colony which is,
to a considerable degree, dependent
on its land revenue, and which
comprises within its boundaries
a territory equal to the aggregate
area of two of the principal
Monarchies of Europe. This Office
has been conferred on the
distinguished geographical explorer,
Mr. Augustus Charles Gregory, who
was the first discoverer of extensive
regions in Queensland. - The
recommendation of Sir William
, - himself a practical
Engineer and Surveyor of no mean

distinction, guarantees Mr. Gregory's
professional ability; and I confidently
expect from his appointment to a
sphere which will afford ample
scope to his peculiar talents, very
extensive and valuable results
as well for the Public Service as
for Geography and Science.

16. Mr. Gregory has
recommended that a Marine Surveyor
shall be employed in his department,
this Colony having a coast line
of fifteen hundred (1500) miles.
This appointment has been tendered
to Lieutenant George Heath of the
Royal Navy, who was formerly
employed on the Australian Station
during several years, and who is
considered to have rendered useful
services to this Colony by conducting
the survey of several of its harbours.

17. In the other chief
departments, the principle of local
promotion has been followed. Thus
Mr. Thornton, who was Sub-Collector
at Moreton Bay, has become Collector
of Customs for Queensland, Mr. Tiffin,
late principal Clerk of Works, has
been named Colonial Architect; Mr.
, late Chief Registrar at
Brisbane, has been appointed
Registrar-General; and Mr. Morisset,
Commandant of the Native Police
Corps, has been promoted to the
Inspector-Generalship of the entire
Force. But I will not weary Your
Grace with details which will
find a more appropriate place
in the annual Blue Book of the

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