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Empire to whch all belong.

7. I trust, however, that Your
Grace will inform the Secretary of
State for War
, — that, while the
Government of Queensland, for the
reaasons stated in the enclosure,
cannot advise, or support, "the
"formation, for service in this Colony,
"of a permanent Local Corps, after
"the model of the West Indian
"Regiments, and other Colonial Corps,"—
they are, at the same time, most
anxious to give their favourable
consideration, and to lend their
assistance in the Colonial Legislature,
to any well-devised plan for
settling on the public lands "of
"this Colony, retired soldiers of good
"character. By extending to non-
"commissioned and warrant officers,
"and to private soldiers and seamen,
"the privileges in the acquisition of
"land allowed by the existing
"Regulations to Officers of Her Majesty's
"Army and Navy, the Council are
"of opinion that a valuable addition
"may be made to the population of
"Queensland; and an honourable
"retreat, in a peculiarly salubrious
"climate, be provided for a class
"of men who deserve well of the

8. I cordially concur in
the views thus expressed by my
Council; and I beg to suggest that
the War Office should make a
definite proposal for the periodical
settlement of retired soldiers on the
public lands of this Colony. I will


only add that competent Medical
authorities consider the climate
of Queensland, (which closely resembles
that of Madeira,) to be eminently
favourable to the restoration of the
health alike of persons whose lungs
have been affectedby long residence
in cold countries, and of persons
whose strength has been weakened
by long residence in hot countries.
Soldiers who have served in North
, and soldiers who have
served in India would find an
equally salubrious retreat in this

9. In compliance with the
request of the Executive Council,
I applied to the Major-General
Commanding Her Majesty's troops

in Australia, for a detachment
of fifty men, with two officers; —
"to form" (in the words of the
Minute,) "the nucleus of the
"Volunteer force which Her Majesty's
"loyal subjects in Queensland intend
"to create for the protection of
"this Colony." The Government of
Queensland engages to pay to a
detachment of the above-mentioned
strength, Colonial allowances on
the same scale as those paid
in New South Wales; and to provide
also medical attendance &c, and
the same excellent quarters, as
were occupied by the Garrison
of Brisbane up to 1849, newly
furnished with every convenience
and comfort for both Officers and

10. I

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