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10. I received in the first instance,
a favourable reply from General
; but when I heard of expected
disturbances in New Zealand, I
wrote to lower our application from
fifty men and two officers, to
twenty-five men and one officer;—
a detachment the removal of which
cannot seriously weaken the
strength of the garrisons of either
Sydney, Melbourne, or Hobart Town;
at each of which places there are
now several hundred soldiers.

11. Your Grace will observe
that the Council consider it "not
"unreasonable that this Colony
"should apply for a small detachment
"of Her Majesty's Troops, to assist
"in its protection; seeing that the
"annual exports and imports of
"Queensland (chiefly to and from
"the United Kingdom) taken together
"already amount in value to above
"one million of pounds sterling, and
"may be expected to increase rapidly.
"The Council apprehend that their
"views are strictly in accordance
"with the principles regarding the
"military protection of the colonies,
"frequently laid down by Earl Grey,
"and by other Secretaries of State."

12. I may perhaps be expected
to allude to the two supposed
difficulties in the way of sending
a detachment to Brisbane, which
are glanced at in the letters of
Sir Edward Lugard, copies of
which were enclosed in Your
Grace's despatch to me of the


Despatch to The
Secretary of State
No. 33 of 1oth April 1860

His Grace
The Right Honble
The Duke of Newcastle
etc. etc. etc.

18th. October, 1859. In the first place,
the chance of desertion would be
infinitesimal at Brisbane, when
compared with Melbourne, for we have
no gold-fields within three hundred
miles of the seat of Government.
And, in the second place, steam-
communication has been so wonderfully
developed since the last named
distinguished Officer (Sir E. Lugard,) was
in Australia, that a detachment
at Brisbane would now be, for
all practical purposes of discipline,
far nearer to its headquarters
at Sydney or Melbourne, than the
detachments in New Zealand, the
West Indies, and the Ionian Isles
are to their respective headquarters.

13. Under all the circumstances
of the case, I trust that General
will consider himself ~
authorised to send here, without
unnecessary delay, the very small
detachment (25 or 30 men) for which,
in the name of the Government of
Queensland, I have made application.
As I shall explain in a separate
despatch, this Colony must remain
in an entirely defenceless state
if deprived of a military nucleus
for its recently enrolled volunteers.
And the Queen's loyal subjects here
would perhaps find it difficult
to understand why they alone, in
the whole Australasian group of
Colonies should be denied the protection
of a few of Her Majesty's soldiers.

I have &c.
Signed/ G. F. Bowen

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