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as among their fellow-subjects
in the United Kingdom, or in any
other portion of Her Majesty's

9. That — while the Council —
for the reasons above stated, —
cannot advise, or support in
their places in the Queensland
Parliament, the formation for
service in this Colony, of a
permanent local corps, after
the model of the West Indian
Regiments and other Colonial
Corps, — they are, at the same
time, most anxious to give
their favourable consideration,
and to lend their assistance
in the Legislature, to any well-
devised plan for settling on
the public lands of this Colony
retired soldiers and seamen
of good character. By extending
to non-commissioned and
warrant officers and to private
soldiers and seamen, the
privileges in the acquisition
of land allowed by the existing
Regulations to Officers of Her
Majesty's Army and Navy, the
Council are of opinion that
a valuable addition may be
made to the population of Queensland,
and an honourable retreat, in a
peculiarly salubrious climate,
be provided for a class of men
who deserve well of the Empire.

10. The Council are further
of opinion that some arrangements
might be made for rendering


available the services of the retired
soldiers referred to if called upon
fo aid the civil power, or to resist

No. 31

Enclosure No. 1.

Government House,
Brisbane, Queensland
5th. April, 1860.

My Lord Duke,

I have the honor herewith
to transmit copies of the Queensland
Government Gazette Extraordinary,

containing the Royal Proclamation
issued by Governor-General Sir William
, in pursuance of the directions
of the Queen's Order in Council of 6th. June,
1859, for the purpose of convoking
the first Legislative Assembly of this

2. The Royal Proclamation
summoning the first Legislative Council
of Queensland, will not be published,
according to the precedent of New
South Wales
on the inauguration
of Parliamentary Government in 1856,
until a few days before the meeting
of the Legislature. Immediately on
its publication, I will transmit copies
of it, and report the names of
the Members summoned.

3. The first parliament of
this new and flourishing province
of the Empire, which, at the ~
commencement of its political life,

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