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According to the practice of all
Colonial Governors, I held yesterday
morning in celebration of Her
Majesty's birth-day, a Levée, which
was attended not only by the
members of the Legislature, by the
Officers of Government, and by the
gentlemen of the various professions,
but by a numerous concourse of
all classes of the community.

7. The day was kept as a
public holiday throughout the Colony.
I am glad to add that arrangements
had been made some weeks
previously to enable the original
inhabitants of the soil to share
in the general joy. A distribution
(which is henceforward to be annual,)
of clothes, blankets, &c. took place
in all the chief towns and villages
in the name of the Queen, and at
the expense of the Colonial Government
to the native tribes of the several
districts. At Brisbane this dole was
held at the conclusion of my Levée.
About five hundred Blacks of
different clans, and speaking different
dialects, had assembled, in many
cases from a great distance. As
it was truly remarked, "it seemed
as if they had sprung up from
the ground." They received the
Royal bounty with loud shouts of
exaltation, and then seemed
immediately to disappear as suddenly
as they had come together. It was
a curious and suggestive spectacle.

I have &c.
Signed / G. F. Bowen

His Grace
The Right Honble.
The Duke of Newcastle.
&c. &c. &c.


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Enclosure 2 & 3

Government House
Brisbane, Queensland
6th. June, 1860

My Lord Duke,

I have the honor to
transmit herewith copies of the Speech,
with which, in the name and on
behalf of the Queen, and amid the
formalities usual on similar occasions
in other Colonies, I opened the first
Session of the first Parliament of
Queensland. I enclose also Copies
of the loyal Addresses in reply
which were unanimously voted by
both Chambers of the Legislature.

2. The second paragraph
of the Address of the Assembly may
be considered as expressing the
deep and universal feeling of gratitude
to the Queen for the boon of Separation
from New South Wales, which animates
alike the Parliament and the people
of this Colony :— "We concur most
"cordially in Your Excellency's estimation
"of the important influence that must
"be exercised upon the future of this
"Territory by the inauguration within
"it of a separate Parliamentary
"Constitution; and while we
"reciprocate the hope and belief that
"this Community may prove itself
"to have been not unworthy of Her
"Majesty's most gracious and considerate
"boon of self-government, we feel a
"deep satisfaction in learning from
"Your Excellency that the inhabitants
"of all parts of the Colony have

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