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No. 30. of 4th April 1860.

of Queensland are prepared to make
any sacrifice, and to incur much
risk for the succour of their
fellow-subjects at the seat of
war in New Zealand; but I
apprehend that they would protest
firmly but courteously against
any course of policy which would
have the effect of leaving this Colony
entirely without military protection
for the sake of increasing by
from twenty-five to fifty soldiers
the garrisons of the neighbouring
Colonies. The removal of so small
a detachment could not materially
weaken the defences of Sydney
or Melbourne, whereas, without a
few regular soldiers to drill our
volunteers, Brisbane must remain
entirely defenceless. This last-named
Chief town of Queensland is situated
twenty miles from Moreton Bay,
on a river inaccessible to large
vessels. But it is open to an
attack from the boats of men
of war; which, however, competent
military authorities hold would
be sufficiently guarded against
by corps of rifle volunteers,
rendered really effective by a
small nucleus of troops of the
line. In paragraph 11 of the despatch
referred to above, I transmitted
an extract from the Minutes of
the Executive Council of this Colony
on the subject in question.

3. The local parliament
has just voted a further sum
of three thousand pounds, (£3000)


His Grace
The Right Honble.
The Duke of Newcastle
&c. &c. &c.

to procure from England, additional
arms of the most approved construction
for the volunteers already embodied
here. It has been decided to purchase
the breech-loading rifles manufactured
by Messrs. Terry and Calisher. It is stated
that it will be in the power of the
Secretary of State for War to expedite
the speedy execution of this order.
If this be so, I would beg to solicit
Your Grace to bespeak the good
offices of Your Colleague in favour
of the Colony. Our order has been
given to the Colonial Agents of Messrs.
Terry and Calisher, — viz. to Messrs.
Montefiore, Graham &Co. of Sydney.

I have &c.
Signed / G. F. Bowen.

No. 60

S. F. B.

Government House,
Brisbane, Queensland,
8th. August, 1860

My Lord Duke,

Your grace's despatch to
governor-general Sir William Denison, (No. 11
of 21st. January, 1860,) conveying Your
recommendation that the river variously
known as the Cooper, the Victoria, the
Strzelecki, and the Barcoo, should
henceforward retain the latter designation
only, — has been transmitted to
Queensland, no part of the stream in
question now lying within the Colony
of New South Wales.

2. I have

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