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No. 62

Government House,
Brisbane, Queensland
10th. August, 1860

My Lord Duke,

Referring to my despatch
No. 54 of the 10th. July, ult., and to the
Resolutions therewith enclosed of the
Queensland Parliament, respecting the
examination of the estuary of the river
Burdekin, I have the honor to state
that Captain Denham has placed at
my disposal Mr. Joseph Woods Smith,
Master R.N. of Her Majesty's ship
"Herald"; who will proceed next
week in command of an expedition
to survey that part of the Coast
of this Colony.

2. Mr. Smith, whom Captain
recommends as a very
able and experienced marine surveyor,
will receive the usual Colonial allowance
in addition to his Imperial pay,
so long as he shall be engaged in
services relating to Queensland. He has
also been provided by my government
with the means of transport pointed
out by Capt. Denham, viz. with a
schooner of forty tons burden, and a
whaleboat, manned by a combined
crew of able-bodied seamen, and
amply furnished with arms and
ammunition, as also with abundant
stores and provisions. Mr. George Elphinstone
, whose interesting report
of his recent journey I have already
transmitted, has been appointed
Commissioner of Crown Lands in the
districts explored by himself, and


His Grace
The Right Honble.
The Duke of Newcastle. &c. &c. &c.

will accompany Mr. Smith as Second
Officer in Charge. The third Officer is
Mr. Stone, a land-surveyor by profession
who was a member of Mr. Dalrymple's
exploring party. Mr. Fitzalan has also
been attached to the expedition as
botanical collector.

3. I am confident that Her
Majesty's government will appreciate as
it deserves the zeal for geographical
and scientific research displayed by
the Legislature of this Colony in voting,
during its first sesssion, the necessary
funds for this survey.

4. I feel a lively interest in
the success of the expedition, and
should probably have accompanied
it myself had it been in my power
to leave the seat of government, for
so lengthened a period, during the
session of the Colonial Parliament.
I have, however, just returned from
an experimental cruise of five days
with Mr. Smith, in which I assured
myself that he was entirely satisfied
with both the vessel and the crew
provided for him.

5. The expedition will, it is
expected, return in about three months
from the present time; and I shall
not fail to report forthwith the result.

I have &c.
Signed / G. F. Bowen

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