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having been hitherto made, with
manifest advantage, to coincide
nearly with the natural boundaries
of the available tracts of
country, it may be assumed
that the principle might be
extended to the Northern Coast
with similar results.

The Western boundary of
Queensland, as at present defined,
appears to be the 141st. Meridian,
but it is probable that it
was not described in the
Letters Patent erecting the colony,
with greater distinctness, expressly
with a view to a future
adjustment when more certain
information should have been
collected as to the natural
features of the Country.

It is now submitted
that the 141st. Meridian passes
through the tract of Country
known as the "Plains of Promise",
and that the eastern shores
of the Gulf of Carpentaria possess
no harbours. It would therefore
be desirable to adopt the
138th Meridian as the boundary:
as that line would pass through
a barren tract of Country and
bring "Investigator Road" within
the limits of Queensland.

The several tracts of
country available for settlement
on the Western shores of the
Gulf of Carpentaria properly belong
to what may be designated North
Western Australia; but the present


boundary of West Australia passes
through it, leaving the space on
either side inadequate in its
extent of country available for
settlement, to the formation of a
separate Colony or Government;
while neither of the two portions
could be practically attached to
either Queensland, or to Western

It is, therefore, suggested
that the limits of Western Australia
should be reduced by defining
its northern boundary as a
South East line drawn from Cape
(in Lat. 20º South, Long. 119º
East) to the 26th. parallel of
longitude; and then along
that latitude to the 129 Meridian.
Thus the whole of the available
country on the North West
Coast might be brought under
one government, centrally situated
on the Victoria River.

With reference to the
formation of a Colony in this
part of Australia, it is submitted
that although it is undersirable
to continue transportation after
a Colony is fairly established,
experience has been decidedly
in favor of forming colonies
by Convict labour; and as
Western Australia cannot long
continue to absorb the whole
of the Convicts transported
from the United Kingdom, North-
West Australia affords a locality
that would give ample field

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