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24 Vict. No 5.

Class 3

The "Census Act" provided that a
census of this Colony shall be
taken in 1861, on the same
day as in the United Kingdom.
Many important and interesting
results are expected from the
Statistics which will thus be
rendered available.

24 Vict. No 4.

Class 4.

23. In passing the "Adjustment
of Accounts with New South
Act", the Parliament has
based its legislation upon
principles which can hardly
fail to recommend themselves
to the concurrence of the sister
Colony, for they are identical
with the principles originally
adopted by the Executive and
sanctioned by the Parliament
of New South Wales itself; and
which have further received
the approval of the Imperial
Government (See the correspondence
on this subject in the Papers
laid before the Imperial Parliament
respecting the separation of
Moreton Bay). "I am justified,
therefore," to quote the expressions
of the Prorogation Speech,) in
entertaining a well-founded hope
that no long time will elapse
before this, the last remaining
difficulty of Separation shall
be amicably adjusted; and the
two great neighbouring Colonies
whose interests are so inseparably
united, shall regard each other


only with feelings of friendly emulation".

Class 5.

24 Vict. No 16.

24. "The gunpowder and
Warlike Stores Exportation Bill" was
passed, at the invitation of the
Government of New Zealand, to
prevent the possible exportation
of materials of war to that
Colony during the present
lamentable outbreak - I take
this opportunity of bearing
my testimony to the sympathy
existing here, as throughout Australia,
with the troubles of our fellow-
countrymen in New Zealand.

Class 6.

24 Vict. No 11.
24 Vict. No 12.
24 Vict. No 15.
24 Vict. No 10.

Enclosure No 5.

25. These four Acts, viz.
the "Unoccupied Crown Lands Act,"
the "Tenders' Regulation Act," the
"Alienation of Crown Lands Act,"
and the "Occupied Lands Leasing
Act," form what may be called
the Land Code of this Colony.

The views on this subject of
my Responsible Advisers, are
explained in the annexed
Memorandum, furnished by the
Colonial Secretary. The Attorney
General has certified that these
measures "do not in any way
"interfere with any previously
"existing contract, or with any
"promise, or engagement, previously
"made by or on behalf of Her

26. In a despatch (No 16
of 2nd February ult.,) written soon
after my first arrival in
Queensland, I made use of the

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