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No 84.

Parl. Papers.

Government House
Brisbane, Queensland,
6th October, 1960.

My Lord Duke,

With reference to my
despatch No 30 of the 4th April
ult., I have the honor to solicit
Your Grace to draw the attention
of the Secretary of State for War,
and of the Lords of the Admiralty,
to the enactments in the 18th and
19th sections of the enclosed
Act of the Queensland Parliament
(24 Victoria No 15.), continuing "such
regulations, made under the
authority of Her Majesty, and
now in force in the Australian
Colonies, as provide, under
certain conditions, for the
remission of purchase money
to Officers of the British Army
and Navy, who may become
purchasers of land in the
Colony of Queensland; " - and
extending "to any such officer
of the British Army and Navy,
having served seven years and
upwards, as may not be entitled
to a remission of purchase
money under the Imperial
Regulations last herein before
mentioned, and to any British
soldier or sailor, who has
been discharged with a certificate
of good conduct, the benefit of
a remission of purchase money,
in accordance with such regulations,


to the amount of fifty pounds:
Provided that such soldiers and
sailors shall be certified to be
in sound bodily health, and
not more than forty-five (45)
years of age, and shall be
bound, under conditions to be
agreed upon between the Governor
and the Secretary of State for
War, to serve, when called
upon, for the defence of the

2. I am confident that
Her Majesty's Government will
appreciate the feelings of loyalty
to the Queen, and of attachment
to the Mother-Country, which
have prompted the Legislature
of this Colony to extend such
liberal privileges to the soldiers
and sailors of Her Majesty's
Forces, - as to a class of
men which deserves well of
the Empire at large.

3. It is stated that
a considerable number of
soldiers and sailors of good
character are annually
discharged, on the completion
of their periods of service, from
the Forces stationed in India,
China, Australia, New Zealand,
Ceylon, and Mauritius. These
men could easily be sent to
Queensland, and would find
here under the provisions
of the enclosed Act, an
honorable retreat, in a
peculiarly salubrious climate.

4. I

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