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No. 1

Enclosure No. 1
6 copies of Pugh's Queensland
Book Almanac ; and
50 copies of the account
of the Colony therein
(under separate cover.)

Enclosure No. 2.
50 copies of the Land
Acts and Regulations
of Queensland

Government House,
Brisbane, Queensland,
1st. January, 1861

My Lord Duke,

In compliance with the
251st article of the Queen's Colonial
Regulations, I have the honor to
transmit herewith several copies
of the Queensland Book Almanac
for 1861.

2. This work has been
compiled by Mr. Pugh, the Editor of
one of the Local Journals. I have
examined it carefully and can
vouch for the accuracy of the
very useful outline which it contains
(pp. 100-184) of the Geographical
position, climate, resources,
capabilities, form of Government,
management of the public lands,
trade, revenue, population &c. of
this colony. This part of the
volume has been reprinted in
the shape of a pamphlet, of
which I also enclose transmit
fifty copies.

3. The Government of
Queensland requests that Your
Grace will direct Her Majesty's
Immigration Board to supply their
Agents in the different parts
of the United Kingdom with this
brochure; as also with another
pamphlet (of which I annex
fifty copies), and which contains
the Land Acts and Regulations
of this Colony, published by authority

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