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the experiment of a Squadron,
equipped and armed by the
local Colonial Government, - such
as would now appear to be
suggested for Australia by the
Lords Commissioners of the
Admiralty, - was formerly
tried in the Ionian Islands;
but that it was soon given
up, the few remaining vessels
of the Ionian Flotilla now
serving chiefly as Yachts for
the Lord High Commissioner for
the time being.

6. I admit that the
establishment of local forces
both by land and sea in the
different Colonies, would be a
personal convenience to the
Governors, under whose control
they would practically fall.
Colonial Ships of War would
be useful in conveying Her
Majesty's Representatives on tours
of business or pleasure to
different parts of the territories
under their jurisdiction; while
Colonial Regiments would supply
an abundance of men for
Escorts, Guards of Honor, Orderlies,
and even (in some cases)
domestic Servants. But the
personal convenience of individuals
should not weigh in the
scale for one moment against
the grave reasons of public
policy, which demand that
the defence of the Empire
should be mainly entrusted to


Imperial forces; - to the maintenance
of which, however, the United
and the several Colonies
should contribute in equitable

7. There can, I think,
be little doubt that (as my
Executive Council observe in the
7th paragraph of the enclosed
Minute,) "the true principles
"of the general defence of the
"Empire, whether by land or
"sea, are those which were
"laid down by Lord Grey in his
"despatch to the Governor of
"New South Wales of 21st November
"1848, and more recently, during
"the session of 1860 by Mr. Sidney
, in his Speech on the
"abolition of the local European
"Forces in India, - by Mr.
Chechester Fortescue
in his speech
"on Colonial Defence, - and in
"the Memorandum of Mr. T. F. Elliot
"(Assistant Under-Secretary of
"State at the Colonial Office,)
"dated 28th January, 1860, and
"comprised in the Parliamentary
"Paper on the defence of the
"Colonies, ordered by the House
"of Commons to be printed on
"4th May, 1860."

8. I would further
solicit Your Grace's particular
attention to the important
facts stated in the 9th
paragraph of the enclosed Minute.
Including the heavy cost of the
Native Police Corps, maintained

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