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entirely at the expense of the
Colonial Government for the
protection of the Border settlers
from the hostility of the
Aborigines, - the inland
boundary of Queensland being
also (as the Council remark,)
the boundary of the Empire, -
it appears that the people
of this Colony are now
paying annually, for protection
alone, about six shillings per
head more than what is
paid by the people of Great
and Ireland for the
same object, including the
Army, the Navy, and the Police
of the three Kingdoms. "Moreover,"
(to quote the words of the
Minute,) "the Government of
"Queensland has already officially
"intimated its readiness to
"defray one half of the expense
"of the proposed nautical survey
"by the Admiralty of this part
"of Australia, and to contribute
"its fair proportion (on the
"same scale as that now in
"force in New South Wales,)
"of the cost of any detachment
"of the Imperial Army, or of
"any vessels of the Imperial
"Navy, which may be employed,
"on its application, for its
"special assistance and defence."

9. With reference to the
10th paragraph of the enclosure, and
to my despatch on the same
subject, No 84 of 6th October ult.,


I am requested by my Government
to remove a misapprehension
which would appear, from Mr.
's letter of 31st July, ult.,
(enclosed in Mr. Fortescue's Despatch
of 12th September ult.,) to have taken
place respecting the conditions
of the Grants of land, offered
by the Queensland Legislature
to retired Officers and men
of Her Majesty's Army and Navy.
The facts of the case are
clearly stated by the Council.

10. With regard to the
retired sailors of Her Majesty's
Navy who may take advantage
of the privileges offered to
them in Queensland, I would
make a practical suggestion
identical with an opinion
expressed in the letter from
the Secretary of the Admiralty
to the Under Secretary of State
for the Colonies dated 24th Jany. 1837. These men would be
called upon to serve only in
case of war; when they might
man coast batteries, and also
the river Steamers, Surveying Ships
and other vessels, which would
then be placed at the disposal
of the Naval Officer Commanding
on the Station. In time of
peace, they would pursue their
ordinary avocations, under the
general supervision of Lieut. G. Heath
, employed by this Colony as
Marine Surveyor, and who
might organise them on a

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