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His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle
&c. &c. &c.

organized without the cost of
one farthing to the United
Kingdom, even for Military

I have &c.
Signed / G. F. Bowen.

No. 5

His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle
&c. &c. &c.

Government House.
Brisbane, Queensland.
13th January, 1861.

My Lord Duke

With reference to the
Despatch of the Secretary of State
to Sir William Denison, No 25
of 19th March, 1859 (published in
the Parliamentary Papers of
New South Wales,) enclosing an
"additional Instruction
under the Royal Sign Manuel
and Signet" to authorize the
Government of New South Wales,
South Australia, and Victoria,
should it in their opinion, be
necessary for the public service,
- to remove or suspend any
of the Members of their Executive
Councils; - with reference
also to the previous correspondence
between the Secretary of State
and Sir William Denison on
the same subject; - I have
the honor to submit that
it is desirable that a
similar "Additional Instruction"
should be issued to the


Governor of Queensland.

2. Your Grace is already
aware that this Colony had
hitherto been honorably distinguished
under my administration, by
the freedom of its Parliament
from those factious proceedings
which have produced such
frequent changes in the Executive
Councils of the neighbouring
Governments. Nor do I at
present apprehend any alteration
in this respect. Still, with
a view to possible contingencies
in the future, it is probably
expedient that the Executive
Council here should be placed
on the same footing as in
the other Chief Colonies of the
Australian group.

I have &c.
(Signed) G. F. Bowen.

No 6.

6 copies of Landsberg's
Map of the Kennedy

Government House,
Brisbane, Queensland.
14th January, 1861.

My Lord Duke,

Referring to my
despatch No 78 of the 29th September
ult., transmitting a Map of
the then settled districts of
Queensland, I have now the honor
to forward a Map of the new
pastoral district of Kennedy,
proclaimed since that date;

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