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* will be entitled to compete for
the Queen's Prize at their annual Prize
meeting, upon the same terms as the Volunteers

His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle K.G.
etc, etc, etc

publickly known in this Colony
that the Council of the National
Rifle Association, in accordance
with H.M.'s Gracious desire, have
decided that Colonial Volunteers *
of Great Britain; and that the
Association will give one Silver
Medal to Colonial Rifle Associations.

2. On behalf of the
Queensland Volunteer Brigade
and Rifle Association, I beg to apply,
through your Grace, for the Medal
destined for this Colony.

3. There can be no doubt
of the great importance of
promoting in this, and in
every other similar manner, a
common feeling of union, patriotism
and loyalty, throughout the Empire.

I have &c.
Signed / G.F. Bowen.

No 27

No 7 of 6 March 1861
-----8---- 8 -------- ------
-----9-----10 ------ ------
----10----19 ------- ------
----11 ---24 ------- ------
----12----26------- ------
Septr.---15------- ------
---do----19------- ------
Circular 18 Feb ------
---do------28----- ------
---do------18 March --

No 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Septr & Confdl.

His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle

Government House
Brisbane, Queensland.
29th May, 1861.

My Lord Duke,

I have the honor to
acknowledge the receipt of Your
Grace's despatches of the numbers
and dates noted in the margin.

I have &c.
Signed / G.F. Bowen.


No 28.

Vide records in Col. Secy's

Government House,
Brisbane, Queensland.
8th June 1861.

My Lord Duke,

Referring to my despatches
No 92 of 8th December, ult., and No 6 of
14th January, ult., I have now the
honor to enclose extracts from the
interesting official report of Mr.
George Elphinstone Dalrymple, describing
the establishment of the new
settlement at Port Denison.

2. I have also to inform
Your Grace of the remarkable fact
that applications have already
been made (chiefly by settlers from
Victoria and New South Wales,) for
licenses to occupy with cattle
and sheep nearly the whole extent
of the newly proclaimed pastoral
district of Kennedy; - which
was thrown open so recently as the
commencement of the present Year; and
which alone embraces a territory
exceeding in extent the area of
England and Wales, and reaching
to within three hundred miles of
the Gulf of Carpentaria.

3. It will probably become
shortly the duty of my Government
to throw upen for pastoral occupation
another extensive territory lying to
the west of the present settlements
of New Zealand Queensland. The
name of the proposed new district
will be "Mitchell," in honor of
its first explorer, Sir Thomas

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