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Summary: Widow, Rebecca Corneal. She was a resident of Montgomery County, Clarksville, Tennessee. She and Warner had no children together. He husband died of Pneumonia but the date of his death was contested by one day difference between the organizations. In the meantime, while waiting for her claim to be processed, her niece sought help due to the fact that the Rebecca Corneal, and many widow's like her in their area were suffering. The niece stated that they hadn't had food in many days, lacked clothing and many other necessities. The niece stated they were starving and her aunt could barely walk. The man, accessed the situation and realized her dire condition and helped her seek out charity and wrote letters to help in the process of her pension claim. Another letter stated the widow was living amongst people and relying on their charity and they had no sympathy for those that served in the Federal Army, and therefore, she was suffering. Her document was not admitted until 26 February 1866 with a pension of $8 per month commencing on 21 January 1864. It appears there was a significant delay due to the fact that an exact day of his death needed to be established.

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