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Transcription: Page one is the cover page for Robert and Ann Clayton’s pension file. Remarks; Certificate No. 123319. The second page is a document that was later added in the digitization process when indexing key information for this pension file. Widows Certificate file number, WC 123319. Robert was enlisted in Co. B. 123rd Regt. USCT. Pensioners listed were, widow, Ann Clayton (Maiden name: Greenwell.) No other pensioners listed. Page three is the claim for Ann Clayton’s widow pension, including details on her and Robert Clayton’s children, Robert’s enlistment, marriage with Ann and death. The children are listed with date of births, proven to be Robert and Anns per baptismal record and cohabitation for over 10 years. Thomas H (Date of birth September 18th, 1857 turning sixteen September 17th, 1873), Prius (July 14th, 1859 turning sixteen July 16th, 1875), Louis ( April 15th, 1861 turning sixteen April 14th, 1877), Daniel ( September 4th, 1863 turning sixteen September 3rd, 1879.) Thomas H was born before Robert and Ann’s marriage but was always considered Robert’s. At the bottom of this pension claim, the certificate issued was for eight dollars commencing January 26th, 1865 with an additional two dollars per child commencing July 26th, 1866. Page’s four and five display Ann’s widows’ application for army pension. Remarks: Robert Claytan died in the war of 1861 at Louisville, Kentucky on June 25th, 1861 from Smallpox. Ann and Robert married in Marion County, Kentucky on November 25th, 1857. Page six and seven display another widows' application for army pension that list’s Ann and Robert marrying on the 20th of November 1857 instead of the 25th as shown on page four. Page eight is a letter from the Adjutant General's office in Washington D.C. stating information about Robert (AKA Bob) Clayton enlisted in Co. B. 123rd Regt. Pension application number listed: 115894. This letter states Robert was drafted September 19th, 1864 at Lebanon, Kentucky. Page nine is another letter from the Adjutant General's office in Washington D.C. stating Robert mustered into service as a Private on September 19th, 1864. The document on page ten is from the Surgeon General's office regarding the details of Robert Clayton’s death. Page eleven is another document from the Surgeon General's office regarding the details of Robert Clayton’s death. Page’s thirteen and fourteen are the baptismal register for Ann and Robert's children. Ann’s full name is listed as (Malinda Ann Greenwell.) Francis the catholic priest is said to have baptized all four children and performed the official marriage of Robert and Ann. Page fifteen is an affidavit from Ann Clayton. Though Ann and Robert previously had permission from their enslavers to marry, no certificate or evidence could be found. Ann is listed as 49 years old on January 4th, 1893. Page sixteen is stamped by the U.S. Pension Office, January 11th, 1893. Page seventeen has two documents that regard Ann’s widow pension and list her and Robert’s children with birthdates. Page eighteen is a document from the pension office requesting further information on Robert aka Bob Clayton’s service and death. Page twenty is identical to the document on page eighteen. Page’s twenty-one and twenty-two are the articles of agreement regarding the fee contract for Ann Clayton's pension application. The fee of twenty-five dollars was allowed by Maning Slusher & Co of Columbus, Indiana, in light of any and all pension services done. Page twenty-three is the index sheet for Ann's pension file. The declaration on pages twenty-four and five contain marriage details, enlistment and death information for Robert and also list’s two of his and Ann’s children. Remarks; Only two of Ann and Robert's four children were still living at this time; Prius and Louis. Two witnesses that Ann considered creditable and respectable are also listed; Margaret Buckler and Jane Hendricks. Page’s twenty-six and seven are a claim Ann filed for pension restoration after her name was removed from the pension rolls, receiving her last allowance in 1869. A witness that Ann considered creditable and respectable was also listed; Jack Price. Page’s twenty-eight and nine display another affidavit from Ann regarding her claim for pension restoration. Page thirty is a letter from the treasury department, third auditor's office regarding Ann’s pension. Page thirty-one is a letter from the department of the interior, bureau of pensions requesting a payment report regarding Ann's pension claim. Page thirty-three and four contain an affidavit from Benjamin Bowman stating that since he has known Ann, she has done washing and other household work for a living. Page’s thirty-five and six are an affidavit from Jack Price. Remarks; In the matter of pension restoration for Ann Clayton. Jack stated he has known Ann all his life. Page thirty-seven is a joint affidavit between John Grimmell and Mary Bullock. Remarks; both affiants testify Robert was a man of good sound health before the war. Page thirty-eight is additional evidence regarding Ann’s claim for army pension. Page thirty-nine is another joint affidavit of Mary and John Bullock. Page forty is additional evidence regarding Ann’s claim for army pension. Page forty-one is a document regarding Ann’s attorney. Page forty-two is additional evidence regarding Ann’s claim for army pension. Page forty-three is the certificate of acknowledgment regarding Ann's power of attorney. Page forty-four is another affidavit from Jack Price. Remarks; both Ann and Robert were never married before their marriage. Page forty-five is additional evidence regarding Ann’s claim for army pension. Page forty-six is an affidavit from William O Ballam. Remarks; Robert Greenwell (who had already passed at the time of this affidavit) and his family were owners of Ann. Page forty-seven is additional evidence regarding Ann’s claim for army pension. Page forty-eight is another affidavit from Jack Price. Page forty-nine is additional evidence regarding Ann’s claim for army pension. Page fifty is the declaration for Ann’s original pension with minor children. Page fifty-one is Ann's widows’ claim for pension and the remainder of the declaration on page fifty. Page fifty-two is an affidavit from Ann and Robert's son, Prius Clayton. Page fifty-three is additional evidence regarding Ann’s claim for army pension. The document on page fifty-four and five are another affidavit from Ann aka Anna Clayton with additional evidence. Jack Price is listed as the only person alive knowing the facts regarding the birth of Ann and Robert’s children (Only two are said to be alive in 1893.) Thomas H (died November 30th, 1874) and Daniel (March 10th, 1883.) Page’s fifty-six and seven are an affidavit from Benjamin Bowman with additional evidence. Page fifty-eight and nine are Louis Clayton’s affidavit with additional evidence. Page’s sixty and sixty-one display another affidavit from Anna Clayton regarding completion and filing of her pension with attorneys S. W. Daugherty & Co., of Columbus, Indiana. Page’s Sixty-two and three are an affidavit from Arther Gaiten and Benjamin Bowman (both knowing the children about twenty-six years). Ann mentions John Price as the only person outside of her knowing the age of all four of her children. Page sixty-four and five are another affidavit from John Price and additional evidence. John states he lived in the same neighborhood as Ann and the children. John also said he knew the priest (Father White) that christened the children and was dead at the time of this statement. Page sixty-six is a document regarding consideration on behalf of Ann’s widow pension. Page sixty-seven is a rejected widow's pension claim for Ann Clayton including minor children. Remarks; Rejection on the grounds of admitted open and notorious adulterous cohabitation. Important details; Enlisted: Drafted September 19th, 1864 Mustered: September 19th, 1864 Died: January 15th, 1865 Declaration filed: November 23rd, 1865 (Original) July 9th, 1889 (For Restoration) Ann and Robert’s marriage date: November 20th, 1857. Page sixty-nine is the index of Ann's pension claim, listing some of the witnesses testifying on behalf of her claim. Page seventy-one is a notice of special examination in the case of Ann M Clayton. The letter on page seventy-two through seventy-five is from the special examiner regarding the questionable facts of Ann’s case. Mary Bullock has said she witnessed cohabitation of Daniel Cross and Ann and that they are also known as husband and wife. The special examiner said it appears that all four of Robert and Ann’s children claimed for have lived to be over sixteen years old. Page’s seventy-six through seventy-nine are Ann Clayton’s deposition. Ann states Robert Clayton’s enslaver as Maria Clayton and admits to being involved with Daniel Cross as man and wife. Page’s eighty and eighty-one are the deposition of Jack Price. Jack states that Ann M Clayton is his sister. Jack says David Bell’s farm was about two miles from Louisville, Kentucky. Page’s eighty-two and three are the deposition of Robert Clayton’s enslaver, Maria Clayton. Maria says she was Robert belonged to her in the time of slavery. Maria describes Ann as a bright mulatto, almost white and states father Barnes married Robert and Ann. Jack Price is mentioned as Ann’s brother. Page’s eighty-four and five are the deposition of Praston Ballard son of late Robert Greenwall. Praston states to have known Robert Clayton since boyhood until he went into the service. Robert Greenwell is said to have given Malinda aka Ann written consent to marry Robert Clayton. Praston says he has never heard of any woman by the name of Ann M Greenwell. John Clayton is stated to be Robert Clayton’s enslaver and husband of Maria Clayton. Page’s eighty-six and seven are the deposition of Ellen Nowell. Ellen says Robert and Malinda Greenwell aka Ann married in Holy Cross Church sometime in 1858. Page’s eighty-eight and nine are the deposition of Mary Bullock, who claims to have known Ann since she was a small girl. Ann was called Malinda M Greenwell during slavery and lived near Mary in Louisville, Kentucky, for about eighteen months after freedom. When Mary left Louisville in 1867, Ann was not married. Page’s ninety and ninety-one are the deposition of Lizzie Buller, daughter of David Cross. Lizzie states she had a half-sister but was the only lawful child David had. She is sure her father never remarried after her mothers death and told her so himself. Page’s ninety-two and three are the deposition of America Price, Jack Price’s wife and Ann’s sister-in-law of twenty-three years. America says to have known Ann all her life, living 10 miles from here before marrying her brother. Page ninety-four is the deposition of C.R Smith. Smith states to have known Ann for about twelve years. Another deposition from Ann Clayton is on pages ninety-six and seven. The documents on page’s ninety-eight and nine display details regarding Ann’s pension claim, attorney, and Robert Clayton’s death details. Page one-hundred is National Archives documentation for Ann's widow pension file. Remarks; Name: Ann Clayton widow of Bob Clayton. Page one-hundred and one is the source documentation for Robert and Ann Clayton’s pension file.

Summary: This document is the cover page for the pension file of Robert and Ann Clayton. Ann Greenwell, Widow, lived in Nelson (Loretto) County, Kentucky.

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