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Summary: Martha Ditto, a free person of color, is the widow of Pleasant Ditto, a Private in Co. C 122nd Regiment USCT Infantry. Resident of Meade, Kentucky. Pleasant enrolled and reported 6 October 1864. He died 11 December 1864 at Owensboro, Kentucky. Date of marriage 15 May 1860. Pleasant and many other soldiers of their regiment developed pneumonia while in the line of duty due to poor weather. He died of the disease. Pleasant and Martha had a child named Bettie born 19 November 1861. Pleasant Woods married Emily Long in 1849 or 1850. They were married by Rochester a minister in Meade who is now deceased. Neither Pleasant nor Emily had been married before. They lived together as man and wife until Emily's death in the fall of 1859. Emily and Pleasant had the following children, Bell born in August of 1852, Milton born in April 1854, John born in August 1856, and Pleasant born in March of 1859. Bell married Dan Wright. Pleasant died in 1880 and left a daughter named Lilly who now lives with Milton. Pleasant later married Martha Alexander and they had one child who died in 1883. George states (note: a pervious document stated she was Martha Anderson, but this document stated she was Martha Alexander) Affiant Franklin Ditto, aged 69 years old, states that Pleasant Woods and Emily were married at his house in 1849 or 1850 and lived together as man and wife till her death in the fall of 1859. Emily was a slave and belonged to Franklin until her death. Emily's husband was a slave and belonged to his brother Jonathan K Ditto, a minor, and Franklin was his guardian.

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