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Summary: Lucy Harbinson was the widow of Harvey Harbinson, her maiden name was “White.” She and Harvey were married on December 26, 1850. There were no public or private records of their marriage, it was proven by testimony of eyewitnesses. Harvey and Lucy had three children who were under sixteen years of age when Lucy filed for a pension, they were William, Harvey and Lucy Harbinson. Harvey and Lucy cohabited as residents of Shelby County, Kentucky. They were owned by J.C. and Maria Booker, who were witnesses of Harvey and Lucy’s marriage, as well as the birth of their children. Harvey Harbinson was drafted to serve one year during the war. He was mustered on November 17, 1864, at Lebanon, Kentucky. Harvey died in Texas of remittent fever on August 7, 1865. Deposition from Lucy Harbinson on page 14; Sarah White and Martha Jane George on page 15; Edward Violet on page 23; and J.C. and Maria Booker on page 24.

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