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Summary: Washington Boarman’s widow and minors filed for a pension. Washington also went by the name of “Wash”, and was enrolled on July 26,1864, at Lebanon, Kentucky in company “D” of the 107th regiment, USCI. He was later mustered on August 4, 1864. Washington died at Point of Rocks, Virginia, on February 1, 1865, of chronic diarrhea. Majority of this file has documents related to the pension filed by Washington’s children, James Boarman and Sallie Boarman. Mary (Thompson) Boarman was the widow of Washington Boarman and the mother of his children. She and Washington were married on or about September 12, 1860, Mary died on January 15, 1864. After Mary’s death, Benjamin Boarman became the guardian of her children. Benjamin was in no way related to Washington and Mary Boarman; he and Washington had the same occupation and were owned by the same enslaver. Washington never remarried after Mary’s death. Benjamin Boarman, Emma McDonald, and Rebecca Boarman, all declared that they were present at the marriage ceremony of Washington and Mary Boarman. Emma McDonald and Rebecca Boarman were present at the birth of Mary and Washington’s children.

The children of the soldier, James (1861) and Sally (1863), lived in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

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