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Newcastle, Ont.
May 23/88

Dear Mr. Heckcher

I have just read with
great pleasure your exploit in capturing
that Great Tarpon 184 lbs. – Did you get
him landed with ropes & pulley or did you
hire a steam tug to tow him in? what a
Brute of a fish he must have been. I have taken
a sturgeon of 90 lbs. But I would as leave haul
in a good sized saw log. My saw log
I presume would be more valuable for lumber
than your tarpon would be for food, as I am
informed that they are not eatable except
by the Negroes—Bah don’t talk about
Tarpon, Sturgeon or any other fish, when
compared with the Royal or Silver King

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William Knight

This page begins a letter that continues over several pages that provides evidence of Samuel Wilmot as an avid angler. It also details his securing of property on one of the most important Atlantic salmon rivers in the eastern Canada, the Restigouche.