Parma Diary



Parma Diary
This diary contains personal experiences of the author’s life on board the windjammer PARMA from March 1936 until July 1936. The author, Eric Stevens, writes his diary as a letter to his mother and includes several entries of his activities and jobs while travelling on the PARMA. He recounts the conditions on the ship, his role and duties on board, the changes in weather as well as his thoughts on the food and his shipmates during the voyage. Additionally, Eric also writes about the difficulties of sailing for long periods of time; the long days, constant sickness, dietary restrictions and homesickness. PARMA was damaged while docking in Glasgow and didn't sail again and the diary is therefore a record of the ships last voyage as a Windjammer.


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Eric Steven's Diary (Parma 1936)

Eric Steven's Diary (Parma 1936)

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