Tuesday 4th [underlined]
("The Glorious Fourth"!) Had an early breakfast
as our people wanted to make a trip ashore, which they
did about 7.30. Came back @ 9.15, got pick &
shovel & prospecting dishes & went ashore again higher
up the river. So far we have seen neither bird, fish
or animal. Returned again at 11.45 & we immediately set
sail, only instead of continuing our river trip, we passed
through the rocks again, safely navigating the rip, & set
a course for Fossil Point; our leader having decided
that the country around this River, can be reached by
pack horses when they come to that part of their work.
Continued with variable breeze 'till reaching end of Clump Id.
when the tide proved too strong for the old hulk, so we anchored
in 4 fms. about 5p.m. Heavy dew fell, again.
Wednesday 5th. [underlined] Rose & had "Chota hazri" before 6a.m. Tide
running strongly against us - though favourable wind. At
7.30 heaved anchor & crept slowly out between the islands
Fossil Summit & Table Hill being visible on our right.
Made Fossil Head @ 2p.m. & anchored in 6 fms. about
a mile from the beach. Party went ashore @ 2.30. Large
flock of ducks seen half way out. Bubs was given the
new gun & under the gaze of everybody stole quite close
& got 4. Party remained on the beach all the afternoon.
Mr Brown had a shot later & got 2 ducks. On board we got 2 sharks!

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