William Hodge Diary



This diary was written in an almost ‘story-like’ way as the author, William Hodge, describes his life from childhood until his later years. Beginning in the year 1864, Hodge mentions his experiences working at a timber firm called John Saunders and Son as well as his interesting travels arounds Australia; his activities around Port Adelaide, getting into trouble, landing in Adelaide Gaol for a month, and jumping ship to travel to other interesting places. He talks of his travels to Liverpool in 1867 before taking a train to Edinburgh where he spent a few weeks at his childhood home. He follows this with a trip to South America and then to the Mediterranean before travelling back to Europe. He also writes of the different people he meets during his travels as well as the activities and experiences he had on board the different ships he journeyed on. Finally, he writes about the family he builds, as he gets older after settling down in Subiaco, Perth.


The Life of William Hodge

The Life of William Hodge

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