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portion of said city that they may by ordinance define
as the limits of the fire district, and to prescribe of what
material buildings or structures within said limits shall
be constructed.

Nuisnaces. SEC. 14. That said City Council shall have full power
and authority to abate all nuisances within the corpo-
rate limits of the said city, and also to appoint a Board
Board of Health of Health, and a Board of Fire Masters of said city, and
Fire Masters to pass such ordinances in regard thereto as may be
Parks and cem- necessary. The parks, cemeteries, and public grave-
eteries. yards are also placed under the jurisdiction of the City
SEC. 15. The said City Council shall have power to
Fire depart- organize, equip, and control a fire department for the
ment protection of said city in such way as they may deem
necessary and expedient.
SEC. 16. That the said City Council shall have power
Wards. and authority to divide the said city into six or more
wards ; if they deem it necessary for the convenience and
better government of the same, and in the election of
Aldermen. Aldermen for said city, each of the said wards shall be
represented by two Aldermen who shall be a resident of
said ward.
Clerk and Treas- SEC.17. That the said City Council shall have power
urer, and Police- to elect and have a Clerk and Treasurer, and to appoint
men. a Chief of Police, and such number of policemen as from
time to time they may deem necessary for the safety and
good order of said city, and to establish the salaries and
fees, and to prescribe the duties of said officers, and the
said officers shall give bonds with sufficient sureties in
such amount as shall be deemed proper for the faithful
discharge of their respective offices. The said Police-
men shall be sworn in, and take in addition the other
Their powers. prescribed by the laws for State Constables, and there-
upon be invested with all the powers, and be subject to
all the duties and liabilities of State Constables within
the corporate limits of said city, in addition to the duties
and liabilities specially conferred and imposed upon

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