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towns of this State of not less than ten thousand inhabitants
be, and they are hereby, empowered to require all
dealers of coal to weigh all coal sold within the limits of
such cities and towns upon the public scales of such cities
and towns and to impose a charge therefore of not more
than ten cents for each draft.

SEC. 2. That the said municipal authorities may enforce
the provisions of the foregoing section by such fine
or imprisonment as may be now or hereafter prescribed
by law for the violation of such cities or towns.
(Acts 1896, page 92.)

AN ACT to Authorize and Empower Certain Incorporated
Towns to Substitute Hard Labor on their Streets for
Fine and Imprisonment, etc.

SEC. 1. That all incorporated towns in the State of
South Carolina of three hundred inhabitants or more
are hereby authorized and empowered to substitute hard
labor on their streets for fine and imprisonment, in cases
of misdemeanor which come under their jurisdiction :
Provided, That in no case shall such a sentence to hard
labor exceed a term of thirty days, unless otherwise pro-
vided by law.
(Act 1889, page 295.)

Section 626 of 1893, Revised Statues -- (Amended.)
From and after the passage of this Act all the Courts
of this State, and municipal authorities, which under
existing laws have power to sentence convicts to confinement
in prison with hard labor, shall sentence all able-
bodied male convicts to hard labor upon the public works
of the county in which said person shall have been convicted,
and in the alternative to imprisonment in the
county jail or State penitentiary at hard labor : Provided,
That municipal authorities may sentence municipal convicts
to work upon the streets and other public works of
the municipality in which they have been convicted, and

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