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such convicts when so sentenced shall work under the
exclusive direction and control of the municipal author-
ity imposing sentence : Provided, That no convict whose
sentence shall be for a period longer than three years,
shall be so sentenced.
[Act 1897, page 491.]
AN ACT to Authorize Town Authorities to Exchange
Labor of Town Convicts with County Authorities.
SEC. 1. That from and after the passage of this Act,
whenever any town or municipal authority in this State
have not a sufficient number of convicts sentenced to
work on the public works of the town to warrant the ex-
pense of maintaining a town chain-gang, the town au-
thorities of said town shall be authorized to place said
convicts on the county chain-gang for the time so sent-
enced, and the county authorities of the county in which
said town is situated shall be authorized and empowered
to exchange labor with said town authorities and place
county convicts on the public works of the town for the
same number of days that town convicts work on the
public works of the county.
[Act 1898, page 822.]
AN ACT to define the Jurisdiction of and to Settle the
the Porcedure in Municipal Courts of the Cities and
Towns of this State.
SEC. 1. That the Intendants or Mayors of the cities
and towns of this State that have been heretofore char-
tered, or that may be hereafter chartered by special Act
of the General Assembly or under general laws, shall
have all the powers and authority of Magistrates in
criminal cases within the corporate limits and police
jurisdiction of their respective cities and towns, and shall
especially have the power and authority to speedily try
all offenders against the ordinances of said town in a
summary manner and without a jury unless demanded by


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