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however, That he must give notice of such appeal in writ-
ting within twenty-four hours after the sentence has been
passed and enter into bond to appear and defend before
said Court at its next ensuing session thereafter. Said
appeal in said Court of General Sessions shall be heard
upon the report of the presiding officer or the trial be-
low and upon the testimony reported by him.

AN ACT to Authorize Special Election in any Corporate
City or Town in the State for the Purpose of Issuing
Bonds for Corporate Purposes.

SEC. 1. That it shall be the duty of the municipal au-
thorities of any incorporated city or town of this State,
upon a petition of a majority of the freeholders of said
city or town, as shown by its tax books to order a special
election in any such city or town for the purpose of issu-
ing bonds for purchasing, repairing or improving of a
city or town hall, or park or grounds therefor, markets
and guard house, enlarging, extending or establishing
the electric light plant, or waterworks, sewerage, im-
provement of streets and sidewalks or any corporate
purpose set forth in said petition : Provided, That the
aggregate bonded indebtedness of any city or town shall
never exceed eight per centum of the assessed value of
the taxable property therein. And any bonds heretofore
voted upon and issued by any incorporated city or town
of the State since the adoption of the Constitution of
the year 1895, under the provisions of the Act herein re-
cited, (Act 1895, page 88,) are hereby validated and made
legal for any of the purposes hereinabove set forth.

( Act 1897, page 453.)

SEC. 2. After the general election of the year 1896
such persons shall be entitled to vote at any such special
election are qualified under Section 13, Art. II, of the
Constitution of 1895 of this State; and should a majority
of those voting in said election vote in favor of said bond
issue, then the municipal authorities of said city or town

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