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municipality until ninety days preceding the next regu-
lar election : Provided, That in cities over fifty thousand
inhabitants there shall be appointed three Supervisors,
who shall represent different political parties or factions
of parties. Immediately preceding any municipal elec-
tion to be held in any incorporated city or town in this
State, the Supervisor or Supervisors of Registration, as
the case may be, shall prepare for the use of the mana-
gers of election of each polling precinct in such city or
town a registration book or books for each polling pre-
cinct in such city or town containing the names of all
electors entitled to vote in such polling precinct at said

SEC. 25. It shall be the duty of the Mayor or Intendant
of incorporated cities or towns to cause to be prepared
and furnished suitable books of registration and all
stationery and blanks necessary for the registration of

SEC. 26. The Supervisor or Supervisors of Registrati-
tion, as the case may be, shall judge of the qualifications
of all applicants for registration. The production of a
certificate of registration of the county entitling the applicant to
vote in a polling precinct within the incorporated city or
town in which the applicant desires to vote shall be a con-
ditioned prerequisite to the applicant's obtaining a cer-
tificate of registration for municipal elections ; and the
production of such certificate and proof of his residence
within the limits of the municipality for four months
preceding such election and the payment of all taxes
assessed against him due and collectible for the previous
fiscal year shall entitle the applicant to registration.
From the decision of the municipal Supervisor, any ap-
plicant may appeal to the Court of Common Pleas, or
any judge thereof, and from thence to the Supreme Court,
and the mode of appeal shall be the same as provided in
Section 8 of this Act.

SEC. 27. In incorporated cities or towns in which there

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