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keep a regular butcher's stall or market house, inside the
incorporate limits of any city or town in which license
may be required.

SEC. 2. Such license shall not give the holder thereof a
monopoly of the sale of the articles enumerated above,
but any farmer or stock raiser may sell or offer for sale,
at any time, beef, mutton, pork or veal, in cities or towns
granting such license without being required to pay any
fee for the right so to do.

(Acts 1896, page 91.

SEC. 1. That on and after the passage of this Act,
whenever a Board composed of the Governor, the Secre-
tary of State and the Comptroller General shall deem it
advisable or necessary for the better and more perfect
enforcement of the laws of this State in any city or in-
corporated town under police regulations in the State,
the said State shall appoint a Board of Police Commis-
sioners, to consist of three memebers, for such city. Such
Commissioners shall have been qualified electors and
freeholders of such city at least one year next prior to
the appointment. The official term of such Commison-
ers shall be co-terminal with that of the State Board ap-
pointing them, and until their successors be appointed
and qualified, but such Commisioners, or any of them,
may be removed and the vacancy or vacancies filled by
the said State Board at any time that they may deem
such removal necessary or expedient to promots the ob-
ject of the original appointment, and so long as it may
be deemed necessary or expedient by the said State
Board or their successors to continue such police govern-
ment in such city; each incoming State Board shall make
a new appointment of the same or other Commissioners
for the succeeding term, to wit : co-terminal with the term
of such State Board, and until their successors be ap-
pointed and qualified, if such government be continued
under this Act Before entereing upon their duties, such


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