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Commisioners shall each take and subscribe and cause
to be filed in the office of the Secretary of State an oath
of office for the faithful discharge of their duties and the
usual constitutional oaths required of public officers; and
if the appointee shall for ten days after notification of
appointment fail to cause such oaths to be filed as afore-
said, his appointment shall be revoked and a new appoint-
ment shall be made by the said State Board ; and the said
State Board shall have power to fill any vacancy in said
Board at any time, whether caused by death, removal,
resignation, or any other cause, or may, in their discre-
tion, remove any member or members of said Board, if in
their opinion he or they fail to perform any duty accord-
ing to the intent of this Act. One of said Board shall
be designated by the State Board to be President and
another as Secretary of said Board. The annual salary
of said Commissioners shall not be less than fifty dollars
nor more than three hundred dollars, to be fixed by the
said State Board within these limits in proportion to the
population of the particular city in question. But the
Secretary may be allowed a sum not exceeding fifty dol-
lars in addition to his salary as a Commissioner. Said
salaries shall be paid out of the town or city treasury in
like manner as the salaries of town or city officers.

SEC. 2. Such Board of Police Commissioners shall also
immediately appoint a Marshal, who shall be Chief of
Police and the necessary commissioned officers, who shall
give bond in an amount equal to that required on the 18th
day of December, 1894, of similar officers under the ordi-
nances of such cities and towns, subject to the orders of
the Board, and as many policemen as may be deemed
necessary by the Board, not exceeding one for every
thousand inhabitants, and who shall have been resi-
dents of such city or town at least six months prior
to their appointment. The Marshal and the Police shall
hold their respective offices co-terminally with the Board
appointing them, subject, however to removal at any
time by a majority vote of the Board of Police Commis-


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