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for prisoners; to provide for the monthly payment of the
Marshal and policemen on the certificate of the Board as
to the amount due each; also for such office expenses,
records, books, stationary, printing, telegraphing,
badges, clubs, and the repair and cleaning of the police
buildings as may be necessary-- it being the true intent
and meaning of this Act that all the necessary expenses
of the police department shall be borne by the city out
of its general revenue fund, notwithstanding the govern-
ment of such department is vested exclusively in said

(Amendment 1896.)
SEC. 6. Neither the Mayor nor the Council, or any off-
cer appointed by them, shall have any government of
the police force; and the City Treasurer shall not
pay any of the police force except the certificate of said
Board. Any person or persons who shall in any manner
interfere with or interrupt said Board or the Police
Judge, Marshal or policeman so appointed, while in the
legal performance of duty, shall, upon conviction thereof
before the Court of General Sessions of the county where-
in such city is located, be adjudged guilty of a misde-
meanor and shall be fined in any sum, not less than one
hundred dollars, nor more than one thousand dollars, or
be imprisoned in the county jail not less than ten days
nor more than ninety days for each offense.
SEC. 7. Every police, judge, marshal and policeman
appointed under this Act shall be a qualified elector of
such city, and before entering upon the discharge of his
official duties shall take and subscribe and caused to be
filed with the Board an official constitutional oath and for
the faithful discharge of duty.
SEC. 8. The annual salaries of the following named
officers shall be fixed by order of the Board within the
following limits, namely : The Marshal not less than two
hundred dollars, nor more than two thousand dollars per
annum, and the policemen not less than ten dollars
nor more than sixty dollars per month.
(Amendment 1896.)


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