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shall cease and determine upon the appointment and
qualifications of a police force by the Mayor and Council
after such proclamation. That nothing in this Act con-
tained shall be so construed as to disqualify any member
of any previous police force of any city from holding
appointment under the Board of the Police Commis-
sioners at their discretion, nor to disqualify any member
of the police force appointed by such Board from hold-
ing appointment under the Mayor and Council after-
ward. And nothing in this Act shall be construed to
prevent the said Commissioners for the same city when-
ever they may deem it advisable or necessary for the
better or more perfect government of such city, in which
event, and as often as such event may occur, this Act as
to such city shall again be of full foree and effect.

SEC. 12a. A copy of all rules issued by said Board shall
be forthwith furnished to the Mayor or Intendant for his
information. That all claims against the police department
be presented to the Mayor or Intendant in itemized form
and all payments be made by the Treasurer or disburs-
ing officer of such town or city, or under his direction,
and that any special policeman appointed as provided in
the Act, shall only be so appointed in case of emer-
[Act 1896 as Sec. 2, on page 91.]

SEC. 13. This Act shall take effect immediately upon
its approval.

SEC. 14. All Acts and parts of Acts which are inconsis-
tent with this Act are hereby repealed.

SEC. 15. Whenever the word "city" is used in this Act,
the same shall be construed to mean "city or town."
Approved December 24th, A. D. 1894.
[Act 1894, 787.]

AN ACT to confer on the City Councils and Town Coun-
cils of the cities and towns of this State power to


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