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SEC. 9. That on and after June 1898, the special school
tax herein provided for shall be collected by the Treas-
urer of the County of Greenville, at the same time and
in the same manner as the State and County taxes are
collected, and shall be protected by the bond of the said
County Treasurer, and shall be paid out by him upon the
warrant signed by the chairman and countersigned by
the Secretary of the Board of School Trustees of said
school district.
[Act 1898, page 886.]


AN ACT to authorize the City Council of Greenville to
Ordain the Necessary Ordinance for the Establishment,
Construction and Maintenance of a systen of sewer-
age, etc.

SEC. 1. That the City Council of Greenville in addition
to the powers now vested in them by law be, and they are
hereby, authorized to pass all necessary ordinances,
rules and regulations for the establishment, construction
and maintenance and enforcement of a system of sewer-
age in the streets, private lots and dwellings in the City
of Greenville, and beyond its limits if it be necessary.

SEC. 2. That the said City Council be, and they are
hereby authorized to contract with any person or corpor-
ation for the establishment, building, maintenance and
use of a system of sewerage works in said city, and to
pass all necessary ordinances, rules and regulations for
the enforcement of the same.

SEC. 3. That the officers and other persons who may
be appointed to execute the provisions of such ordinan-
ces, rules and regulations shall as far as may be neces-
sary for the performance of their respective duties have
the right to enter any building or premises in said city
between the hours of 9 A. M. and 5 P. M.

SEC. 4. That for the purpose of establishing, construct-
ing, and maintaining a system of sewerage in the said


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