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City of Greenville, the said city, by its City Council,
is hereby permitted and authorized to issue ($75,000)
seventy-five thousand dollars of six per cent coupon
bonds, or so much thereof as in their judgement may
be necessary, payable thirty years from their
date, said interest on said bonds to be paid semi-
annually upon the first day of July and the first day of
January : Provided, That a majority of the qualified elec-
tors of said city shall vote in favor of such issue at an
election to be held for that purpose as hereinafter pro-

SEC. 5. That upon a petition presented to them by
one-third of the real estate owners of said city to sub-
mit to the qualified electors thereof the question of the
issue of said sewerage bonds in an amount to be therein
specified, not exceeding seventy-five thousand dollars,
the City Council of said city are hereby required to give
at least three week's notice by advertisement in one or
more of the papers of said city at the time and place of
an election upon said issue, and of the names of mana-
gers appointed by them to conduct an election. Regis-
tration shall not be required as a qualification of an elec-
tor. At such election, those of said electors voting in
favor of the issue of said bonds shall cast ballots with
the words "Sewerage Bonds--Yes," written or printed
thereon, and those opposed, with the words "Sewerage
Bonds--No," written or printed thereon.

SEC. 6. That the coupons of said bonds shall be re-
ceivable for all taxes in said city; and for the purpose of
paying the interest on said bonds semi-annually, as here-
inbefore provided for, and the principal when due, it
shall be the duty of the City Council to levy and collect
the necessary amount upon the real and personal prop-
erty in said city.

SEC. 7. That said City Council shall also have the
power to condemn such private property as may be ne-
cessary for said sewerage, the same to be condemed and


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