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the damage assessed as is now provided for in the open-
ing of or widening streets in said city.

SEC. 8. That this Act shall take effect immediately
upon its approval.
Approved December 22nd, A. D. 1891.
[Act 1891, page 1370.]


AN ACT to Provide for the Grading and Paving of the
Streets, Public Ways and Alleys of the City of Green-

SEC. 1. That the Mayor and Aldermen of the city of
Greenville shall have power and authority, and it is here-
by made their duty, to grade, pave, macadamize and
otherwise improve for travel and drainage the streets,
public ways and alleys of said city, or such of them as
they may deem advisable, and to construct sidewalks and
to pave the same and put down crossings, curbings,
drains, side drains and cross drains, such as may be ne-
cessary in their judgement to carry out the provisions of
this Act.

SEC. 2. In order to more effectually carry out the
authority hereby delegated, the said Mayor and Alder-
men shall have power to assess one-third of the cost of
such grading, paving, macadamizing and improving said
streets, public ways and alleys of said city, both as to
sidewalks and roadways, upon the abutting property
owners on each side of said streets, public ways and
alleys, so that said property holders in the aggregate
shall pay two-thirds of the said costs and said city the
remaining one-third. Said assessments te be paid by
said property holders pro rata according to the frontage
of their property on said streets, public ways and alleys,
respectively, and the money arising from such assess-
ments shall be applied to the payment of interest on,
and as a sinking fund to redeem the same under such


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