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pipes, should be covered with wood work so fastened as
to be readily removed.
SEC. 19. A main waste pipe into which wash basins,
bath tubs or kitchen sinks discharge must be at least two
inches in diameter with one and one-half inch branches.
The main pipe from the sewer connections must be at
least four inches internal diameter at every point. No
trap or any manner of obstruction to the free flow of air
through the whole course of the main house sewer, or
soil, will be allowed. This may be secured by an un-
trapped main house sewer and soil pipe, or if a trap is
placed in the main soil pipe by a ventilating pipe leading
to the roof from the lower side of the trap and a fresh
air inlet connecting with the foot of the main soil pipe
just above the trap. Every vertical soil and waste
pipe must be extended at least two feet above the highest
part of the roofing or coping. It m ust be of undimin-
ished size, without return bend, with open or basket end.
It must not open near a window or air shaft which venti-
lates living rooms, soil, waste or vent pipes. In an ex-
tension of house sewer lower than the main building it
must be extended above the roof of the main building.
When otherwise they would open within twenty feet of
the windows or main house or the adjoining house.
SEC. 20. All joints in iron drains, pipes, soil pipes and
waste pipes, except where screw joints are used, must be
so filled with oakum and lead and hand caulked as to
make them gas tight. All connections of lead pipes
with iron pipes must be made with a brass or lead sleeve
or ferrule of the same size of the lead pipe put in the hub
of the branch of the iron pipe and caulked with lead.
The lead pipe must be attached to the ferrule by wiped
or over-cast joint. All connections of lead, waste and
vent pipes shall be made by means of wiped joints.
SEC. 21. Before the fixtures are placed in connection


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