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pipe taken out of the crown of trap, in no case less than
two inches in diameter for water closet traps, and one
inch and a quarter for other traps, except when more
than fifteen feet in length, when it shall not be less than
one and a half inches in diameter. The vertical vent
pipes for traps for water closets in buildings more than
four stories in height must be at least three inches in
diameter, with two inch branches at each trap, and for
traps of other fixtures not less than two inches in diam-
eter, unless the trap is smaller, in which case the diame-
ter of branch vent pipe must be at least equal to the
diameter of trap. In all cases vent pipes must be of cast
or wrought iron and connected to traps with brass or
lead ferrule. Vent pipes must extend at least two feet
above the highest point of the roof or coping, extension
to be not less than three inches in diameter to avoid ob-
struction from frost, or they may be branched into a soil
pipe above the inlet from the highest fixture. They may
be combined by branching together those who serve
several traps. These iron pipes must always have a
continous slope to avoid collecting water by condensa-
tion. No trapped vent pipe shall be used as a waste or
soil pipe. No brick, sheet metal, earthenware, or chim-
ney flue shall be used as a sewer ventilator, nor to venti-
late any trap drain, soil or waste pipe.
SEC. 24. Every lead safe under a wash tray, urinal, re-
frigerator or water closet must be drained by a special
pipe not directly connected with any waste pipe, soil,
pipe or sewer. The drip pipe from refrigerator should
not be connected directly with the soil or waste pipe
or with sewer. Rain water connection shall not be con-
nected with the sewers without a special permit.
SEC. 25. Overflows from fixtures must in each case be
connected on the inlet side of the trap.
SEC. 26. Water closets must be of an approved pat-


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