gcls_citycode_1898_ 0132




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person or persons to allow their slops or waste water of
any kind to run or flow on, over or in front of the lot,
lots or property of another or others without the per-
mission in writing of the owner or owners of said lot,
lots or property.

SEC. 6. All ordinances or parts of ordinances incon-
sistent with this Ordinance be, and the same are hereby

SEC. 7. Any person or persons violating the provisions
of this Ordinance, or either or any of them, shall be sub-
ject to a fine, upon conviction by the Mayor or acting
Mayor, not exceeding twenty-five dollars, or imprison-
ment not exceeding thirty days for each day such viola-
tion shall be had.
Done and ratified in Council assembled, this the 7th
day of October, A. D. 1896.

SEC. 1. That in all cases where trenches are dug in
any streets or alley for the purpose of laying water pipes
or gas pipes, or for any other purpose, that the parties
be required to thoroughly ram said treanches and also
replace any pavement or stones that may be disturbed,
and that any failure to comply with the above shall sub-
ject the parties so offending to a fine, not exceeding ten
dollars for each and every offence.
Ratified 5th day of May, 1891.
AN ORDINANCE Prohibiting the Obstruction of Side-
walks on Certain Streets.
Sec. 1. That from and after the passage of this Ordi-
nance it shall not be lawful for any person or persons to
obstruct the sidewalks on Main or Pendleton streets, or
within four blocks of the same, by congregating in
crowds, sitting on railings, boxes, barrels, staircases,
window sills or anywhere else; and any person or persons


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