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nance any person who shall be guilty of disorderly con-
duct at a place of public amusement shall be liable to a
fine of not less than one nor more than ten dollars, or im-
prisonment, at the discretion of the Mayor.
Ratified 9th of October, 1879.
AN ORDINANCE to Prevent Disorder in the Vicinity of
Railroad Depots on the Arrival of Trains.

SEC.1. That hereafter it shall be unlawful for any
person or persons engaged in hacking, hauling passen-
gers or baggage, or soliciting patronage for any hotel or
boarding houses upon the arrival of any railroad train or
cars at any of the railroad depots in the city of Green-
ville to approach nearer such train than the limits pre-
scribed in the following section :
SEC. 2. At the Air Line passenger depot said parties
shall not approach nearer the train or cars than the outer
edge of the platform on the west side of said depot or a
line extending along the railroad track of equal distance
therefrom with the outer edge of the said platform. At
the Columbia & Greenville depot they shall not approach
nearer the train or cars than the edge of the platform of
said depot next to Augusta street or go upon the steps
leading to said platform. At the Greenville & Laurens
depot they shall not approach nearer the train or cars
than on a line with the Court street edge of the depot
and cotton platform, and extending from the east end of
said cotton platform to the west end of the depot plat-
SEC. 3. Any person or persons violating any of the
provisions of this ordinance shall, upon conviction, be
fined in the sum of not less that one dollar nor more than
fifty dollars, or be imprisoned for not less than one day,
nor more than thirty days.
Ratified 2d of October, 1888.


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