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10161915 1


[heading] POLICEMEN ON GUARD TO STOP POSSIBLE ROW ----- TWO OF THOSE ARRESTED BY THE POLICEMEN ARE HELD TODAY ------ THE BOXES ARE BACK TO THE COMMITTEE ---- The Democratic Executive Committee Met This Morning to Hear the Evidence in Regard to the [illegible] that Was Produced - Every Precaution [illegible] this Morning to Safeguard Committee in Deliberations -- Even Pocket Knives Are Taken. --- [the rest of this column is too dark or smeared to read].

[heading] YOUNG GIRL RUN OVER BY AN AUTO, LEG WAS BROKEN ---- An unfortunate accident occurred this morning in front of the Imperial hotel when a [illegible] runabout, driven by F. B. Curry, ran over Vera Keith, the nine-year old daughter of S. F. Keith, who is connected with the Judson mill store, breaking her leg. The little girl was taken to Dr. C. B. Earle's and later to the city hospital. Mr. Curry was arrested, charged with reckless driving. He gave bond for his appearance at police [illegible] Tuesday.

Mr. Curry said this morning that he was driving down Washington street in the direction of the Southern depot. When he reached Richardson street the Keith child started to cross the thoroughfare. He blew his horn severl times, he said, but it was not heeded. Unable to bring the car to a stop, he swung his car to the right in an effort to avoid a colision.

The front wheel narrowly missed the child but the rear wheels passed over her breaking her leg. The child was walking in advance of her mother when the accident occurred. _________ state what I know about the terrible calamity suffered by our people [illegible] [illegible]. But first I will say that I [illegible] strong Hyd? supporter, as every [illegible] chairmanis of one side or the other, lest I have dealt fairly with both sides and set to work to have a fair election and the rules carried [illegible] and the primary pass off quietly. There are some of the best [illegible] of the city or my committee. Discussion developed early, though we could have gotten on pretty well if it had not been for trouble from the autsign.

From the time of the convention on, during all the time that the [illegible and too dark to read from here for rest of column]

[heading] ALMOST READY FOR RECOGNITION OF CARRANZA GOV'NT --- THE PAN.AMERICAN LANDS REPRESENTED AT THE CONFERENCE AGREE. --- [heading] AN ARMS EMBARGO MAY FOLLOW FOR VILLA'S SIDE ----- Favorable [illegible] Governments, [illegible] to [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] Representatives in [illegible] Renewals Can Arranged There. U. S. Give Note to Representatives Here. ---- Washington, Oct, 15 - [illegible] responders have been received from all government's participating in this Pan.American conference which decided to recognize Carranza. [illegible] [illegible] called a meeting Monday to arrange a form of recognition.

Argentina, Ballra (?), Uruguay, and Guatemala replied yesterday, Brazil and Chile replied today. Each diplomat notified his country of the decision of last Saturday's conference instructions have been received [illegible] there in the [illegible] of a ratification[illegible] [illegible] arrangements for the [illegible] [illegible] of actual [illegible] [illegible and too dark to read from here for rest of column]


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Designed Mainly in Check the ??? of Providing Free Drinks to the Soldiers From the Front - Nev.. k[illegible] the Order to Applicalbe to Everybody - Police May Close All Night Clubs in the City of London.

London, Sept, 24. "At a meeting of the privy council at Buckingham Palace today the king signed an order applying the regulations respecting the sale of liquor in the districts of the Metropolitan area."

This rather cryptic announcement appearing in black-faced type in to [illegible] papers, meant [illegible] the long or [illegible] "non-treating" order is now in [illegible] action throughout the greater city and that a great change must be made in the social habits of the people.

Though designed mainly to [illegible] he [illegible] of providing free liquor ?o soldiers from the front - especially those who are about to depart again, or the [illegible] - the order [illegible] [illegible] in applicable to everybody, and a villation will bring upon the offender heavy fine or imprisonmnet, or [illegible]. Hereafter, except in the privacy of the home, the Londer may not [illegible] a bottle or her bottle with a [illegible] There is but one exception and that is at meal times. I [illegible] host may provide liquor. But in al [illegible] hotels and clubs the words, "What will you have?" are taboo."

Even the exclusive army clubs are [illegible], and members are asking many questions. For example:

Can members water whiskey and [illegible] on a card game?

Can drinks be ordered to seal a [illegible], or for a toast?

Is an officer leaving for the front [illegible] denied a parting drink with his [illegible]?

Can a [illegible] accidently upset [illegible] called?

Salonkepeers are very [illegible] every [illegible]situation. They say that, with treating barred, the whole atmosphere of the saloon will be [illegible]. Few men. It is argued, [illegible] to drink alone and a tremendous slump in trade is predicted.

What constitutes a meal with which one man may buy a drink for his friend will doubtless have to be defined by the courts. Whether a meal will consist of the antiquanted sandwich so familiar in the United States remain to be seen. There is of course the extent subterfuge by which one man may give the person he wishes to treat one amount required before they enter the saloon; but this would be cumbersome, commercial and hardly popular.

Police regulations, it is said on good authority, are about to be issued cloning all night clubs in London, during the entire period of the war. If this reform takes place, it will come as a [illegible] of a protest by military authorities that the "night club evil" has turned what ought to be a period of rest and recuperation for officers on [illegible] from the front, into a prolonged [illegible] which leaves the men in a worse condition than when they came [illegible] from the trenches. It is commonly known that in most of the night clubs evasion of the 10 o'clock law has been developed to a fine art and that drinks can be easily obtained. [illegible] day and night.

I am in favor of closing down all [illegible] clubs [much of the next few lines are illegible]

[heading] Where Church Bells Chime

[heading] THE REASON

If any church in Greenville or its suburbs, either white or negro, has no announcement on this page it is simply because its pastor or officers have failed to furnish an announcement for publication. No charge is made for these notices and The Piedmont would like ot have every churhc in Greenville and its suburbs properly advertised on this page each Saturday. Publisher Piedmont.

Methodist St. Paul's Methodist church, Penditon and Anderson streets. Rev. A. E. Heller, pastor.

Sunday school at 10 o'clock, W. N. Hackney, superintendant.

11.30 a. m. - Regular services. 7.30 p. m. - Regular services.

The Ladies' Working Society will meet Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock, at the church.

Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7.30 p. m.

The public and strangers are cordially invited to attend all these services. _______ Buncombe Street Methodist Church, Rev. Mark L. Carlisle, D. D., pastor.

10.00 a. m. - Sunday school. Mr. W. C. Beacham and mr. Monroe Picking superintendents.

[illegible] class meets to main auditorium of the church. Mr. Alken Carlisle, teacher.

Ladies' Wesley class taught by the pastor.

Preaching services at 11.30 a. m. and 7.00 p. m. Sermonds by the pastor

Prayer meetingon Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock.

A cordial welcome is extended all strangers and visitors attending these services. ______ Hampton Ave. Methodist Church Rev. E. R. Mason, pastor

Preaching services morning and evening.

Sunday school 10.00 a. m., W R. Harris, supt; J. [illegible] Gresham, [illegible] [illegible]

Walker Wesley Bible class meets [illegible] basement of sunday school room Rev E. R. Mason, teacher. All young men are invited to join this class.

[illegible] Susannah Wesley Bible class, Mrs J. W. McCam, teacher.

Wesley Adult Bible class, L.E. Turner teacher.

Epworth League in Epworth League room Monday evening 7.30 p. m.

Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7.30 p. m.

it is urged by the paster [illegible] I also [illegible] of stewards that the members of this church come out and take some interest in their church and [illegible] to help build it up to the best church in the city. Let's all pull together.

The public cordially invited to attend all the services of [illegible] chores Strangers and visitors especially welcomed. ______ Baptist First Baptist church, West McBee avenue, George W. Quick, pastor.

10.00 a. m. - Services of Instruction, J. J. Hayesworth, superintendent of Sunday school.

11.00 a. m. - Service of worship. Subject by request of the college students' Y. M. C. A. conference now in session, in Greenville [illegible] "The Ministry as a Life Work."

3.30 p. m. - Special deacon's meeting.

4.00 p. m. - Junior Y. W. A. [illegible] ness meeting.

5.30 p. m. - B. Y. P. U in Hoyt philathea room.

7.30 p. m. - Service of worships Subject: Making the world bright.

Pastor speaks both morning and evening.

INVITATION especially to the evening service. ________ Central Baptist church, [illegible] Lloyd and Pink[illegible] [impossible to read, very very dark and smeared] ______ P????ton Street Baptist church, Rev. B. D. Hahn, D. D. [illegible] 10 a. m. - Sunday school [illegible] [illegible] superintendent. Dr. Hahn [illegible] [illegible] men's class. [dark and smeared from here to end]

10 a. m. - Sunday school, W. A. St??house, superintendent.

11.30 a. m. - Are there few that be saved?

7.30 p. m. - for this cause cometh the wrath of God.

Communion service at the morning hour.

Prayer meeting Wedneday 7.30 p. m. _____ Second Presbyterran church, [illegible] ner River and Rhett ?treets.

E. P. Davis, D. D., pastor, 20 River street.

Divine services at 11 a. m and 7. 30 p. m. Mr F. M. Pursor will speak in the morning and the pastor at night.

Sabbath school at 9.45 a. m. sharp, Mr. E. G. Mallard, St., superintendent and Mr. E. G. Mallard Jr., assistant. men's Bible class, Mr. E. F. Ware, president; Ladies' Bible class, Mrs D. H. Sadler, president. Modern facilities.

Sunbeams will meet at the church at 3 p. m. sharp. Miss Mary Mayer, superintendent.

Junior Christian Endeavor prayer meeting in the Sunday school rooms at 4 p. m. Master Ralph Alexander, president.

Senior Christian Endevor at 6.45 p. m., Mr. Harold ?oyle, president.

The Ladies' Missionary Society will meet at the church at 4 p. m., tuesday. Mrs. T. Y. Boyle, president.

Prayer meeting Wednesday night at 7.30 o'clock. "Come those with [illegible] and we will do thee good." Numbers 10:22. _______ The Fourth Presbyterian church. Broadus avenue and Washington St., J. [illegible] Lyons Jr., pastor.

10.15 a. m. - Sunday school, Capt. J. [illegible] Smyth Jr., superintendent. All classes. [illegible] Bible class, Mr. J C. Derieux, leader.

11.00 a. m. - Public worship. subject of sermon by pastor, "The double moral standard." Seats free. Strangers cordially welcomed.

7.30 p. m. - Bible study class, Mr. W. P. Anderson, leader.

Tuesday [illegible] 6.99 p. m. - the Ladies' Working [illegible] will meet in the Sunday school room.

There will be no mid-week prayer meeting this week, the pastor attending [illegible].[illegible] [black and smeared from here to end]

[illegible] [illegible] Presbyterian. Central High school, West??? [illegible] Pastor Rev. I. T. Young.

Sabbath school 10.10 a. m., J. F. [illegible], superintendent.

Morning worship 11.30 a. m Evenng workship 7.00 p. m.

Both friends and strangers are cordially invited to all these services.

Turn us again, O God, and cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved. Ps 89:7. ________ [illegible] Christ church. Church and North streets. Services for tomorrow October 16, 20th Sunday after Trinity as follows, and the [illegible], the Rev Alesander R. itchell will officiate;

8 a. m. - Celbration holy communion.

10.00 a. m. - Sunday school 11.30 a. m. - Morning prayer and sermon.

7.30 p. m. - Evening prayer and short address

5.0 p. m., Wednesday - Rector' Bible class for Ladies in the chapel.

Strangers, visitors and students welcome to all services.

Special music today at both services under the direction of Prof ?eheafer, organist and director. ________ St. James Mission. The services for Sunday, October 17th, will be as follows:

11.30 a. m. - Celebration of the holy communion and sermon by the rector, the Rev. H. Buchanan ryley.

4.00 p. m. - Sunday school.

The hour of Sunday school has been changed from 5.00 p. m. to 4.00 p. m.

There will be no evening service. _________ St. Andrew's Episcopal church. Pendleton and Markley streets.

Services for Sunday, October 17th, 20th Sunday after Trinity.

8.00 a. m. - Holy communion. 10.15 a. m. - Sunday school. [6] p. m. Evening prayer and sermon.

Rev. H. B. Ryley, priest-in-charge.

A cordial welcome to strangers and [illegible] _____________ Christian Chuch. Christians church - 10.00 a. m. - Bible school followed by celebration of the Lord's supper. R. F. Strange, superintendent. Visitors and strangers especially invited to workship with us at the Central Y. M. C. A. building East Coffee street.

Catholic St. Mary's Catholic church October 17, 21st Sunday after [illegible]

First mass at 7. a. m.

Second mass and sermon at 11 a. m.

Sunday school at 10 a. m.

Sermond and [illegible]

Father Duff will preach at the night service on "Confession."

October devotion in the church Wednesday 5.00 p. m.

October devotion in the chapel Friday 5.30 p. m.

Holy hour in church Friday [illegible] 8 p. m.

Visitors are cordially welcome. _____ Lutheran. North Main street, Rev C. I. Millet, pastor.

[illegible]Sunday after Trinity.

9.45 a. m. Sunday school [illegible] a. m. - Morning service

7 p. m. - Evening service

In the morning service special music will be offered, Mr. J. A. Stubbs of Wofferd college, rendering capecially Schuberts Serenade on the violin as an offeratory.

At 7.30 the Young People's League will have charge of the service. They will study the life end work of [illegible] [illegible], the man who [illegible] firmly the Luthern church in America. He [illegible] landed on South Carolina [illegible] and preached his first sermon in American in this state. He was the father of the preacher, soldier, patriot, Gen. Peter M?hlen?rg, who [illegible] [illegible] the first speaker of the house of representatives when the American people gained their independence through the war of the Revolution.

To all our services you will always have a hearty welcome. _______ COLORED CHURCH NOTICE. [illegible first few paragraphs] The Word and [illegible] will be [illegible] next Tuesday night at her home on Oscar St.

Mr. View - Sunday school at 10.30 [illegible] You are invited to all these services.

[advertisement] Pearl Gray Hats with Puggaree Band $2.50 [illegible] The newest arrivals J. O. JONES CO

[ADVERTISEMENT] BUTLER MARBLE & GRANITE WO [ illegible] Manufacturers of Monuments, Tombstone [illegible] Lowest Prices, Best Work. See or write us. E. McBee Avenue. Greenville

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Needs Review

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[Illustration of two women, as a part of the below advertisement for the theatre)


[Illegible text]

COMING ATTRACTIONS AT THE CASINO Monday- The [illegible text]

[Illustration of a woman in tattered clothing and a bonnet holding a candle stick with a flame going out]

[Column 2 Header] Automobile Owners Will be glad to know that their Storage Battery needs can be supplied here

We are WILLARD Agents for this sectio[n] an expert trained in their factory, in charge, and equipment and stock to take care of all requiremen[ts] being placed in our shop.

It's not the mechanician only that you need your storage batteries, but him, plus the electrici[ty] and chemist.

85 per cent of the Batteries used are Willard we can also attend to the other makes.

Let us tell you---no charge for this--- how ea[sy] it is, by a little attention, to keep your Batteries 100 per cent efficient.

[Column 2 Header] Gower-McBee Electric Co 203 W. Washington [Illegible text]

[Column 2 Header] WE CAN HELP YOU [Illegible text]

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Needs Review

10161915 4

[Column 1] [Illegible text]



No one can [?] the right of another to i[?] money where and to whom he desires. If [?] of the United States was [?] the [?] of the Allies, and invent their [?] by England [?] no one should [?] allies. Of course a different [?] if investments of [?] to oth[er]- [Illegible text until the bottom of the page]

[Column 2] [Illegible text] The sympathy of the whole state is with Charleston today, for she made for herself yesterday an [?] reputations. If [that?] were doubt [?] the [?] of Governor Man[ning] [?] in having had the [?] in [?] of the dayof election, the [?] how [?]. oN the other hand upon the dismissal of the mil[itary] the responsibility w[?] thrown on the city [?], who had [?] in their [?] to Governor Manning's action. It was [?] that the [?] were amp[?] able to protest from violence. But [?] were warned in advance by the chair[man] of the executive [?] [?] and called upon for [?] which apparently was [?]

The responsibility for one unfortunate awareness can [?] now be of[?] if it can ever be. [?] the shooting began, an [?] section of [?] irresponsible [?] whe[?] escaped injury. In the [?], as in many others, the innocent [?]

We extend to the Chaleston Evening Post and to the family of Mr. Cohen our sympathy, He was from all accounts a bright and [?] young man. Therewas [?] no intent to injure him. He was the [?] [?] for the Pork which had not been [?]. On the other hand, it in an [?] fact that the Post had been rather [?] of Govenor Manning's [?], and had expressed doubt as to the wisdom of his course. It [?] now [?] dangerous conditions would [?] on the day of [?] had [?] of the [?] being there.

But after all the trouble [?] deep[?] than in the [?] of elections. It [?] of opposition to [?] in which has pervaded Charleston for twentyfive years. A [?] at [?] law, even that relating to liquor, without [falling] later the evil [?] When errors in legislation are made , too appeal must be to the intell[?] of the [citizens] of the [Illegible Text]

[?] is right in his determination [?] do the part to remedy them, [?] [?] might xause, law [?] [?]


[Illegible text to the bottom of the page]

[Colum three] [Illegible text]

HOROSCOPE [Illegible text]

Saturday, October [18], 1915 [Illegible text]

[Header over Columns four and five] OUR COUNTY & OUR PRESIDENT History of the American People Woodrow Wilson [Illegible text]

[Header over Columns four and five] Waiting For The Treaties

Tim [?] the good news [?] of hand. The [Illegible text] [Image across columns four and five; Signature of Woodrow Wilson]

[Illegible text]

[column five] [?], and it has become only a matter of terms.

In May, 1782, General Clinton was [?] at New York by [?] Sir Gay Charleston, who was [?] to [?] the American-commanderin-chief of the government's determination to seek terms of peace, and who was of the noblespirit to like his errand.

On the [?] of July the British garrlson at Savannah was withdrawn amd semt to New York.

In August Washington received from Charleston def[?] that's the [?] of the United States was to be [?] of peace, set In September the French who had rem[?] in Virginia joined the Americans on the [?]

In December they [?] at [?] [?] for France.

By the close of November Novem
ber [30, 1782] a promotional treaty of
the [?] of December Charleston was [?] evacuated and the [?] free of British [?]. [Illegible trext]

[Header over Columns six and seven] [?] FRIENDS [?]

A FRIEND is [?] ing is [?] money and by [?] will you.

[?] A true friend is a better defender that a battleship and [?] [Illegible texts]

Friends are useful [?] of ways. They are a [?] [Illegible text]

Friends are responsible for most of the [?] of the [?]

[Header over Columns six and seven]

HEALTH TALKS By: William Brady M.A.
[Column six]

A CERTAIN chauffer, every few months, after being exposed to [?] weather or rate while driving the automobile, would aufer a child, followed by a high fever, which, aftera day or two would disappear.

all our eldery readers will welcome this [?] [Illegible text]

[column seven] [Illegible text] [Illustration of a rabbit in a suit sitting at a table]

[Illegible Text]

Morals the chauffer [?] [Illegible text]

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10161915 5

[Column one Header] MAJESTIC ALL THE WEEK Hal's Review Girls Present "Keep Walking"

Large Chorus of Pretty Girls Good Comedians [?]

Mattine 10c and 15c. Night 10c and 20c.

[Column one Header] At The CASINO TODAY B.U.F. "The Woman Who Lied" Two Roel Drama

[?] "The Road of Fame" Four Act Drama

BEAUTY "Love, [Illegible text]

[Column one Header] HARRIS SPRING WATER [Illegible text]




No Entrance Exhibis[?] Entry Fee Charged at the [Belton] Fair as All Experiences Are Defrayed by Belton [?] Mets and Farmers - Pled[?] a Northern [?]

[?] Fireworks Display the Evening of the Fair - Many Valuable Prizes Will Be Awarded.

A number of citizens of Greenville are planning to attend the sixth annual Belton fair which will be held on October 20th, and when prom[?] to be the most successful ever held by the [?]. The main object of the Belton fair is to urge the farmres, stock and poultry [?] to [?] prpoducts. livestock and poultry [?] introducing new [?] The [?] in charge of the exhibits has announced that [?] many applications have been [?] for [?]. Many valuable prizes will be awarded the winners in the [?] and friendly [?] [?] Is expected to be [?]. The Italian fair differs from [?] fair in that everything is free. No entrances, exhibits, or [?] fees are charged. The exposure of the [?] by the public spirit [?]

In addition to the many exhibits there will be other forms of amusement. One of the outstanding features will be a football game between Newberry [?] eleven and the Clemson Fires [?]. The game will be [held?] at the Belton mall ball park and seven [?] will be on [Illegible text]

Another feature will be the [?] works display which will be given the night of the fair under the [?] [?] of the Piedmonth [&] Northern [?].

[Illegible text]


Representatives will be Selected by the Various [?] and [?] [?] Firm Finanaced [?] for Next Three Years.

Probably the most importat [?] [?] that came before the moments of the re-oganized Chamber of Commerce last night was the [?] of the business council. The decision was finally reached that [the] trade of profession should have the privilege if chosing their own represen= tatives for the council. Every brand of trade or profession will be represented by two members.

The [?] [or] informal [?] was [presided] over by President Webb who made a short talk regarding the work of the Chamber. Among other making [?] were Secretary Will F. Henderson, Dr. Geo W. Quick, F. F. [?] sell. D. R. Trexter. [?] [?]

One of the [?] ran the large number of new members [?] who took advice [?] is the discussed and who bid [?] to be active members and leaders upon the floor.

The discussion of the business coucil developed into a warm debate as to who would appoint the representatives. D. B. Trexter was in favor of the selection of the entire Chamber of Commerce. J. J. Me[Illegible text]

The total count shows that [?] 120 new members have been added in the [?] and that the income of the enhanced has [?] [?] This amount it is believed will be sufficient to cover the exper[?] of the chamber and will run [?] that the imported [?] [?] will continue to be as useful In the future is in the past.

[Column three Header] DEDICATION AT THE POE MILL

The dedication services of the [?] [?] at the Mill which was built to [?] [Illegible text]

[Column four Header] [Illegible text]

[Illegible Text]

[Illegible Text]

[Illegible Text]


Has Every Possible Refinement, Convenience and Luxury.

It is an undisputed fact among the World's greatest Automobile engines that the EIGHT is the most logical as well as the smoothest of all gas engines. The absence of vibration and the freedom from gear changing is a source of great pleasure to both the driver and occupant[s].

A ride in the Eight Cylinder Cadillac will convince you the reason why the best motor car judges of Greenville and elsewhere are buying the Car that revolutionized the Automobile industry. This is not an advertizing [?] [?] but FACTS.

Write, call. or phone for a demonstration, it will be a pleasure to prove to you the merits of the


EUGENE F. BATES [Skelton] Building, Phone 1129, Greenville, S.C.

[Column five, Header] THE RAINCOAT [Illegible text]

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