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Good Highway Planning Can Attract
New Industries And Bigger Payrolls

[Diagram with caption "The Wrong Way"]

IN a few more months the nation's gigan-
tic multi-billion dollar highway building
program will be moving into high gera and
many an acre of land will be reshaped by
the bulldozer blade.
While these super highways are still
just on paper, it is appropriate to give
some careful thought to the various aspects
of the program and their effect on the
daily lives of millions of Americans. The
major and primary effect, of course, will
be that with the completion of the new
roads automobiles and trucks will be able
to travel between cities more safely and in
less time than ever before. Certainly there
is no quarrel with the desirability of that
objective from the standpoint of the public

Other factors in planning

But there are other areas of public in-
terest which deserve careful consideration.
For instance, what effect will the imited
access throughways have on the values of
property they traverse? Certainly if there
is no access to the highway, the value of
the property for commercial development
is materially diminished and its value for
residential purposes is lessened rather than
increased. It stands to reason that highways
of this type will certainly have smoe un-
desirable side effects in local communities.
One of the aspects of super higway
construction is of particular interest to the
railroad industry--the location of these
highways in reference to railroad rights-of-
way. Unfortunately too little thought has
been given this problem in the past, and as


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